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Mystery Photos Page 19

 - updated 11 Aug, 2016

We need your help to identify the following photos. We have posted as much information as we believe accurate. If you have information to add please quote the numbered photo.

When? Where? Who?

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#410-438 series

Two different cadet events held within a short time span, perhaps a couple of weeks 


Mystery #410 - Significant tri-element mass parade held at the Seaforth Armoury, looks to be Lt Gov Robert Gordon Rogers, dating 1983-88, lots of clues and faces. Possibly a mass tri-service annual inspection, various Vancouver cadet units represented.  Vehicles appear to be part of the Western Command Military Vehicle Historical Society. 

Pat Smith driving his 1952 M38CDN jeep serial number. F-100093. He was a WWII veteran. Member of the Western Command Chapter of the MVCC (what is now Military Vehicle Preservation Association) 


Mystery #411 - note vintage military police motorcycle and 52 pattern jeep. The motorcycle was a World War II Harley-Davidson model WLC owned by Pat Smith. He painted it in PROVOST ( i.e. Military Police) markings


Mystery #412 - unidentified Sea cadet. In the background, the DUKW ("Duck") was owned by Western  Command Chapter of the MVCC (now Military Vehicle Preservation Association).


Mystery #413 - unidentified Seaforth cadet, note historic DUKW amphibious vehicle in background.


Mystery #414 - 

the ADeC for Bob Rogers is LCol Michael Steede, CD. He was CO of RWR but when this photo was snapped he was the Musketry and Cdt  Liaison Staff Officer at 24 Mil Grp HQ.  Thanks to Archie Stacey


Mystery #415 -  Westies LCol standing behind as AdeC


Mystery #416 - 


Mystery #417 - Roy Rigby Jones and Capt Jim Caldwell CO of 72 Seaforth cadet corps, notable ornate and old Seaforth hat badge, event at HMCS Discovery


Mystery #418 - LG passing Service Battalion cadets


Mystery #419 - unidentified Artillery cadet


Mystery #420 - 


Mystery #421 - at HMCS Discovery


Mystery #422 - tug-o-war at HMCS Discovery


Mystery #423 -


Mystery #424 -


Mystery #425 -


Mystery #426 - at HMCS Discovery


Mystery #427 - at HMCS Discovery


Mystery #428 - unidentified air cadet F/Sgt and Air Lt, Seaforthe Armoury


Mystery #429 - at HMCS Discovery


Mystery #430 - Seaforth LCol Tony Phillips and Sea cadet CPO1


Mystery #431 - Navy YAG Badger at HMCS Discovery


Mystery #432 -


Mystery #433 -


Mystery #434 -


Mystery #435 -


Mystery #436 -


Mystery #437 -


Mystery #438 -


Mystery #439 -