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Mystery Photos Page 22

 - updated 31 Aug, 2017

We need your help to identify the following photos. We have posted as much information as we believe accurate. If you have information to add please quote the numbered photo.

When? Where? Who?

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Mystery #475 - Looks to be late 80s early 90s, red rank on cadets, no CPSM with UN Cyprus medals, possibly Gold Star exams, bilingual signage on door is clue, 630 max capacity, building 1043, a large gym (detail photo below) date? location? Workpoint Barracks? Esquimalt?






Mystery #476 -


A wonderful but unidentified photo, possibly a school cadet corps, very few clues, the best perhaps is the trophy which appears to be the slaying of the dragon by St.George

(F.Arseneault coll)



note the trophy.