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 - updated 7 July, 2010

We need your help to identify the following photos. We have posted as much information as we believe accurate. If you have information to add please quote the numbered photo.

When? Where? Who?

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Mystery 107, unidentified cadet  with possibly LGen Walsh Col Commandant RCAC, ca.1970 (courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League) Partly solved The general officer is Maj.-Gen. George Kitching, GOC Central Command circa 1962 to 1965 (the geographical commands were abolished as one of the fist steps in armed forces integration in 1965), so the location is somewhere in Ontario.  The cadet is operating a 26 Set and is likely on the six-week Infantry Signaller course at an army cadet summer camp in Ontario. Thanks to Al Ditter. Partially solved Camp Ipperwash most likely. The cadet is operating the CPRC26 Set and wearing the pith helmet and black coveralls, which suggests he was providing comms on the range between the firing line and the butts. I did this myself when at Ipperwash in 1960 and was identically equipped. Sigs training, which I took in 1961, was conducted at Camp Borden, not Ipperwash. Special thanks to Bob Cooke


Mystery 108, Ipperwash? (courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League) Camp Ipperwash. Partially solved Note the sand dunes and the name tag. I recall this from my own attendance in 1960, although it's u/k when this photo was taken. Special thanks to Bob Cooke


Mystery 109, Connaught? Possibly Sportco large bore 7.62 (courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League) Partially solved - The rifle is a Sportco Mod.44 7.62 NATO Australian built Bisley single shot rifle, Thanks to C/WO Adam Smith. Partially solved -The shooter looks a lot like Des Vamplew of 2799 Queen's York Rangers Cadet Corp. Brother of Pat Vamplew Thanks to Bill Clegg. Partially solved -The buildings in the rear definitely identify the site as Connaught. The ones on the left of the image have mostly been demolished, but the one over the shooter's shoulder is the Mess. It is one of the few original buildings still standing at Connaught. The shooter could be one of the Vamplew Brothers...  Thanks to Capt Pierre-A Cournoyer
Definitively solved  The picture is of Des Vamplew, who was a member of 2799 Queen's York Rangers RC(Army)CC, Aurora, Ontario. I was a member of the 1974 Army Cadet Bisley Team and the picture was taken at Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, a week prior to our departure for England in early July. 
A DND photographer came out to the range to do a photo op of each member of the team laying down in the prone position dry firing with the Australian Sportco rifle that DCdts (Major Dave Letson) had just purchased for the team that year. It replaced the 7.62 converted No. 4 Enfield. 
Everyone else on the team wore the same hat as it was passed on from person to person, which I believe may have been our team Stetson hat with one flap folded up but for some reason I ended up wearing my shooting hat that may have caused this picture to not match up with all the other pictures in the file because everyone else had a different piece of head gear.  Thanks to Des Vampew


Mystery 110, possibly a cadet league function somewhere between 1979-85, clue C/Sgt's rank (courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League) Partially solved - could be the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish cadets Thanks to Bill Nangle. Partially Solved - The OCdt on the far left looks very much like a young John Cairns. Thanks to Nathan Brown Sr.  Partially solved - LGEN JimQuinn,Col Commondant Hon. Jean Jacques Blais and Woodie Summerville, guests in middle. Thanks to Woodie Summerville. Partially solved - I can confirm some of the pipers in this photo. Nathan Brown is correct about OCdt John K. Cairns being on the far left, next to him is Cadet Pipe Major George Boast (48th Highlanders of Canada), next to him is Cadet Sgt. Andrew Bennett (48th Highlanders of Canada). The 3 gentlemen in suits are unknown to me but the piper to the right of them is Cadet David McDougall (48th Highlanders of Canada) and on the far right is an unknown (to me) piper from the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada. This picture would have been taken between 1982 and 1985. Thanks to Jeff Boyle. Solved - The photo's extreme right is Irvine Blacker from the Black Watch. He later joined the regular force. I was there and the cadet league issued certificates to all of us for piping at that dinner. Thanks to Andrew Bennett.


Mystery 111, Ipperwash? (courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League)  Partially Solved - Ipperwash for sure. Thanks to Nathan Brown Sr. Partially Solved Definitely Ipperwash. Special Thanks to Bob Cooke



The following series of photos was identified as being Eastern Command 1948, we are for the moment assuming that they would have been taken at Camp Aldershot, however more information would be appreciated if anyone has details.  (courtesy Clive Law)

unidentified cadet with #35 Halifax High School (Halifax Rifles) Cadet Corps, mystery 112. Clues - 5 chevrons, unusual to see that many, St John's Ambulance Standard qualified, Marksman qualified.


unidentified cadet LCol with #560 Moncton High Cchool Cadet Corps, mystery 113, clues - Moncton High School shoulder flash, 4 shooting pins above breast pocket, signals qualified, Master cadet (gold star) Solved The photo is of Jack Ernest Crosman, born in Moncton NB 30 Oct 1930, Died Chilliwack BC 26 Oct 2004. After completing High School in Moncton Jack joined the army ( RCHA ). He served in Korea, Cyprus and Germany. After 36 years of service he concluded his army career as a Colonel, Base Commander, Chilliwack BC. Thank you Vaughn Alward Drawing conclusion from birth date and senior cadet rank, this would be 1947 or 1948.


mystery 114, clues 1500 or 3000 weight truck in background


mystery 112, clues - open hand salute, trees and buildings


Cadet Parade mystery 115 Partially solved - Looks like the Apple Blossom Festival grand street parade through Kentville NS, not far from Aldershot. Thanks to Stephen Larkin.


mystery 116, definitely immediate post war as all cadets are wearing wedges and have not been issued berets yet, that period usually is between 1948-51.


Mystery112 - Ipperwash unknown year (courtesy Martin de Souza)


Mystery113 - Ipperwash unknown year (courtesy Martin de Souza)


Mystery114 - This one is going to be a bit more difficult to solve. It's almost certainly taken during WWI   by a professional photo studio - the name of which is difficult to make out due to it's small size but was located on 243 Younge St Toronto, the young cadets name is Charlie Feader, if he were alive to day he could be somewhere around 100 years old.




Mystery115 - Definitely Vernon, not sure what year 1979? 1984? Could be Wayne of Cam Leblond photo


Mystery116 - Another Vernon Dieppe Square shot, could be 1980s (Wayne Emde)


Mystery117 - Appears to be LGen Vance which places it 1989-83 in Vernon, who is the USMC officer? or other staff? (Wayne Emde) Partly solved - Capt? Linda Zilli....VACC....Marines are USMC JROTC.. Thanks to Tom Buchenauer


Mystery118 - Bn Sports day in Vernon, unknown year, unidentified cadets (Wayne Emde)


Mystery119 Banff, but not sure year, could be 1970s (unknown, Army Cadet League National office collection)


Mystery120 appears to be a function with 2332 RCACC Ottawa, unknown date possibly late 1970s (unknown, Army Cadet League National office collection)