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Army cadet cherishing globetrotting adventures


Tiffany Garnett, a member of the 1884 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, sits with her dog Benji. The 17-year-old was recently able to travel to Scotland and Italy thanks to her excellent performance as a cadet.

Army cadet cherishing globetrotting adventures
Posted By Brandon Walker
13 Oct 2007

Tiffany Garnett has visited Italy, Scotland and several different parts of Canada. She has learned to shoot a gun, climb a wall, lead and follow, all by being an army cadet.

But what the 17-year-old cherishes the most is the friendships and memories she has made along the way.

"As soon as I turned 12, I joined cadets," she said, adding her parents used to be in the Hearst cadet corps and her older sister Crystal once was named top cadet in Ontario.

And because of Tiffany's experiences, her younger brother Brandon, 14, also became a cadet.

This summer Tiffany, a member of 1884 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, was part of an exchange that brought 24 cadets and two officers to Scotland where the group took part in two weeks of military training.

"We learned how the British train their military and fired four different types of rifles," she said.

The group also went out in the field and practised ambushes - a new experience for Tiffany.

"At first it was fun but it quickly got boring," Tiffany said with a laugh.

The third week was one of adventure. The group went hiking and climbed to the summit of several mountains including the largest in the U.K., Ben Nevis.

"Nevis was over a kilometre high and took eight hours in total," she said.

The fourth week the group toured Scotland. They went through Glasgow and saw the oldest golf course in the world at St. Andrews, set foot in the North Sea, toured castles and cathedrals and learned about the history of the area.

Bang for your Buck

In the last week all of the exchanges from Wales, Scotland and England came together in France to see the Beaumont Hamel and Vimy Ridge war sites.

"It was interesting to visit those areas because it's where Canadians fought. It was touching," she said.

Then in September Tiffany was chosen as one of the top 15 cadets in Canada and travelled to Italy to live in the mountains for 12 days. "It was an amazing trip," she said, "even better than Scotland."

The food was great, she said, because every meal had three courses. She said her group of cadets all had fun during their expedition.

Tiffany, a Grade 12 student at École secondaire catholique Thériault, said she has become a better person thanks to cadets.

"I find I'm not as shy as I used to be," she said. "I often meet new people and teach classes at cadets."

She has also taken part in biathalons and shooting competitions.

The family is very proud of her accomplishments.

"I think she has learned to be more and more outgoing," said her mom, Carole Duguay. "She always tries as hard as she can and does her best. Being away all weekends and summer is worth it for them."