Accoutrements & Uniforms

On the following pages are many, but not all of the uniform pieces worn by cadets over the years. This a work in progress. If you would like to contribute please email me with the details.


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Qualifications 1950-60s

Signals qualified ca.1940s and 50s


Radio Operator

as seen in the Ipperwash 1947 photo gallery, 2nd photo cadet on right

Musician ca.1940s

Drummer ca.1940s

First Class Qualification ca.1940s

Marksman Qualification ca.1950s

Bugler ca.1960s

Piper ca.1960s

Drummer ca.1960s

Musician ca.1960s

Musician, senior ca.1960s

Driver course ca.1950s, identical to regular army


half wing, Mock Tower late 1960s early 1970s


clipped wing, early 1970s

  Para wings, 1967-73, note the cadets were issued the old style (1950s pattern para wings)

first pattern Gold Star, master cadet, design very likely borrowed from the RCMP. Note black edge trim. ca.1940s

second pattern Gold Star, master cadet, trim edge changed to khaki. ca.1950s

3rd year cadet (equivalent to silver star)

2nd year cadet (equivalent to red star)

1st year cadet (equivalent to green star)