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NSCE Weekend, Albert Head, BC, Pacific Region 3-5 Mar 2006

Photos by Capt Ted Usher

Lt Darren Campbell accessing drill mutuals. 


Cadets preparing for assessment.


Capt Tanya Frazer and OCdt Pietro Solda accessing drill mutuals. 


Drill mutual.


Drill Mutual being assessed by Lt Rene Roy.


A quick casual meeting.


Lt Ken Russell, providing transport between the two map & compass locations.


Cadets on the move between locations.


Drill mutuals.


Drill mutuals.


Formed up.


Staff cadets giving directions for the next timings.


Done for the afternoon.


A break after assessments. 


A break after assessments. 


Capt Tanya Frazer, Lt Darren Campbell, Lt Rene Roy, Capt Mitch Steck casually discussing training.