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For those who have been fortunate to have spent a summer or several summers at Rocky, the memories are varied and amazing. We invite you to submit in about 250 words or less any story you would like to share. Be sure to include your name and original cadet corps and year the story takes place in if possible.

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RMNACSTC is one of the most best camps out there. My last year staff I got 
the privilege to be out there. It's the most amazing place with the most 
amazing people. It has people all over the world and you're stuck with them 
for 7 weeks... basically taken out of society and put in a secluded area 
with the same people no escape. You become so close with these people it's 
amazing... the friendships, the bonds, it's incredible. But the part that 
surprise me the most is I wasn't supposed to be there I was supposedto be in 
Vernon... accepted and everything... where I spend every summer.... but 
because of a issue with someone I came here and I don't regret it for a 
second. I came here with the thought of I'm gonna hate this place I don't 
wanna be here, I won't like it, this place sux, send me home now.... but 
once I was here and I gave the place a little bit of a chance I grew to love 
it. Not only that I grew to love someone out there.... yea I met the most 
wonderful man ever. The man of my dreams... he was so kind so perfect. The 
one down side to it is the summers over and we had to return home. For me 
home is Winnipeg, MB but for him home is Monmouth, Wales, UK. Yup I fell in 
love with one of the British Cadets. But we still keep in touch and are good 

Tiffany Church
407 QOCH Winnipeg, MB

31 Aug 2006