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Miscellaneous Medals

There have been over the years medals struck specifically for a cadet of a corps, although obscure or rare they do exist. 


The centre medal is the fiftieth anniversary of the legion - Quebec Provincial Command. It was offered to the best cadet in a center part of summer training. Awarded in 1999 to C/MWO Frédéric Jacques.

(courtesy Frédéric Jacques)

For service in 775th Cadet Corps O.T.S

sterling silver

#775 Ottawa Technical School (Field Engineers) Cadet Corps, Ottawa, ON



Cadet Batt Com C. Cameron 1927

Little is known about this individual or why he was awarded this honour.


Sports, Boxing medal to #96 Trinity College School Cadet Corps, ca.1920s

Lord Strathcona's Horse Cadets Senior fencing medal awarded to (cadet) RSM R.W. Edgley ca.1933. The cadet corps was in Winnipeg, MB, medal size 1 1/2" diameter. (LdSH (RC) Museum)

reverse detail (LdSH (RC) Museum)
1984 Arctic Medal for the Inuit Games. Cdt Heather Gill was on the Arctic Indoc course. (Heather Grant)
Awarded to a cadet from 2824 RCACC 1991 (unknown)

Medal to Church Lads Brigade, Newfoundland ca.1967

very little known about this medal.


30 Mount St.Louis Cadet Corps medal

very little known about this medal.

(LCdr Neil Martin coll.)


Appears to be an unofficial precursor of Army Cadet Long Service Medal. It was commercially produced and used as an award by some cadet corps around 2001 [?]. More info required. The obverse has the cadet maple leaf design with the wordings: "FOR SERVICE" and the French "POUR SERVICE". The medal reverse is blank. Ribbon has the traditional "unblooded" Cadet colour of White, flanked by Red and Green


(B.W. Shandro coll)