Tuesday, 14 Aug 2007 (35 photos)

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0705 hrs (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


After a logh summer of use, the two-man tents used by the adventure platoons get aired out before being stored away  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


A sense of humour in week 6 is a good thing, overnight unknown culprits carefully brought the garden furniture from the officer's mess and meticulously set it up in the adjacent parking lot.  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The Colonel on his way to work (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


D&C cadets waiting to take the pace stick competition on Dieppe Square  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The STA, MWO Roby Roy, RSM Al Williams and CSMs arrive for the competition (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


MWO briefs everyone on their tasks (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Preparing to judge (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Ready for inspection (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The RSM inspects (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Judging (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


The highlight of the day was the anticipated flyby of the Snowbirds on their way to Kelowna from the Abbotsford Air show (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cadets from all the companies lined the parade square to form a huge "VACSTC" and "431" visible form the air (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


A giant yellow ribbon was also created by cadets wearing yellow rain ponchos (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


The view from the rifle range hill 2 km south and 900' above the camp (VACSTC, W. Emde)


431 Sqn, the Snowbirds! (VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


After a 1 minute flyby it was all over. (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Looking south at the small and large bore rifle range (Padre Jack Greenhalgh)


Another parade practice (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The battalion formed up (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Promenade (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


2035 hrs (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


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Guard Coy - in Camp

Trg Support Group (Adventure Platoons) - 5 PL  in Camp 6 Pl  in Camp

Bravo Coy - in Camp

Charlie Coy - in Camp

Delta Coy - in Camp

Echo Coy - in Camp

Foxtrot Coy -  in Camp

Hotel Coy - in Camp

Today's weather: Max Temp. 32c  Min Temp.  13c sunny and warm

This day in Canadian Military History...

14 August 1756
Ft. George, the last of the English defenses at Oswego, N.Y., surrenders to the French after withstanding two days of intense cannon fire. The French take 1700 prisoners, several vessels, and 121 cannon before returning to Montreal.

14 August 1944
Operation Tractable begins as Canadian and Polish units move together on Falaise. Although the attack is a success, it is marred when Allied bombers aim short of their target and hit the advancing troops, inflicting 300 casualties.


14 August 1974 
2nd wave of Turkish army assaults Cyprus, both sides in the conflict target UN troops, the Canadian Airborne troops, with British support, took command of the international airport to deny further troop movement, then intervened with patrols to prevent escalation of the conflict, patrolling the buffer zone between the lines, assisting with the delivery of relief supplies to refugees and organizing exchanges of PoWs. Canadian Airborne Regiment suffers 2 dead and 30 injured while several soldiers earn significant decorations during the month+ of fighting.