Tuesday, 10 July 2007 (26 photos)

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Morning PT Headquarters style. RSM Al Williams, Padre Jack Greenhalgh and LCol Al Dengis at the top of hill overlooking the camp 0600 hrs. 6 km return fast paced walk with an elevation gain of 650' is a great way to start the day and these three gentlemen do it every day. (VACSTC, Maj Lyle Johnson)


5 Platoon Adventure Course's Cdt Napolean Dmytrowich attempts the standing long jump, part of the Army Cadet Fitness Test. The Army Cadet Fitness Test is taken at the beginning and end of camp in order to measure the increase in physical fitness of every cadet  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Cdt Corey Bracken (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Push ups between the Adventure course staff, clockwise from left 2Lt Brandon McAuley, C/WO Procyk, C/WO Edwards, Capt Chris Gerbrandt  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Sit ups, one of four stations at the Army Cadet Fitness Test (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Push ups,  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Meal line up, lunch (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Lunch (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Sharing a laugh, clockwise from left, Cdts Taylor James, Tony Penton, Forrest McMullen, Carley Tetraeult, and Kathaleen Rochy all from Delta Coy  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


The two cadets mess can feed over 1000 cadets during meals (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


MWO Rob Roy and C/MWO Heather Richardson, Trg CSM  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


3 Platoon Guard Coy off to another timing (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


C/MCpl Andrew Haak and C/MCpl Ruth Holden doing a mail run, a clerk's job is never done   (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Bravo Coy. Cdts Daneil Lalonde, Bryce Haley, Tanner McIntyre and Krister Wikstrom practising  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Capt Mike Dominy oversees the senior band's flute section during its first rehearsal  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


More practicing in the main band room  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


After supper, the adventure course trains on mountain bikes for the upcoming bike trip on the Kettle Valley Railway trail, Lt Gord Cousins supervises. Overcoming obstacles safely is an important aspect of riding a mountain bike (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Riding over the teeter-totter teaches balance and confidence  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Navigating the cones   (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


Meanwhile, Guard Coy prepares for a barracks inspection.  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


The commons room is cleaned as well as the bunk spaces  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


The staff cadets inspect, one of the companies this week will win the pennant.  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


At attention, the cadets wait patiently as the Warrant Officer inspects the bunks, lockers and uniforms  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


In the canteen after 2000 hrs, a little free time to relax and catch up with friends  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


  (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


2220 hrs, it's quiet  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault) 


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Guard Coy - in Camp

Trg Support Group (Adventure Platoons) - in Camp

Bravo Coy - in Camp

Charlie Coy - in Camp

Delta Coy - in Camp

Echo Coy - in Camp

Foxtrot Coy - in Camp

Hotel Coy - in Camp

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This day in Canadian Military History...

10 July 1917
The Canadian Corps takes over the front line at Lens and Hill 70 from the British 1st Corps. The Dominion's 1st and 2nd Divisions will assume 4 km of trenches and begin to make preparations to drive the Germans from in front of them.

10 July 1943
Canadian troops take part in the invasion of Sicily. Landing on the south-east tip of the island, the assault battalions from the Seaforth Highlanders and Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry land with little opposition.


Cadets Corps formed on this day

10 July 1942
#48 A Coy 1st Bn (Jarvis Collegiate Inst.) affil. with: Queen's Own Rifles; 
B Coy 1st Bn (Riverdale Collegiate Inst.) affil. with: 3 Field Brigade RCA
E, F, G, H Coys 1st Bn (Cen Tech High School) affil. with: 2 Dist Engineers RCE
J Coy 1st Bn (Lawrence Park Coll Inst.) affil. with: 4 Med. Brigade RCA
A Coy 2nd Bn (Parkdale Coll Inst.) affil. with: 3 fd Brigade RCA
E F Coys 2nd Bn (Oakwood Coll Inst.) affil. with: Royal Regt of Canada
H Coy 2nd Bn (Bloor Coll Inst.) affil. with: Queen's York Rangers (MG)
J Coy 2nd Bn (Danforth Tech Sch.) affil. with: 48th Highlanders of Canada
K Coy 2nd Bn (Northern Voca. Sch.) affil. with: Irish Regt of Canada