Thursday, 12 July 2007 (43 photos)

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0710 hrs, Sangro Avenue (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


On Sicily Square, C/WO Colin McKay instructs the finer points of a conducting a drill lecture to Cdt Jonathon Smelt from 17 Platoon E Coy (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Sgt Khonen's section is also on the parade square learning drill  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


At Bennett's Ranch training area, cadets help offload IMPs (individual meal packs) in the field for Foxtrot and Hotel Coy (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


C/WO T. McNamee instructs 21 Paltoon  F Coy on the human knot, a game involving teamwork (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


2Lt Dan Moriarty and Cpl Jason Walsh. Cpl Walsh is a member of the Rocky Mountain Rangers from Kamloops, BC and is part of the section supporting field operations at Bennett's Ranch   (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The CO and RSM arrive for a visit to the training area.  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


C/Sgt Dior Hadder and some of the cadets of 24 Platoon H Coy  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


C/WO Thomas Kowalsky conducts a brief assessment with Cdt Kenny Yen from 24 Platoon H Coy  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Nearby 2Lt Bridgette Concannon also speaks with Cdt E. McIntyre from 27 Platoon H Coy  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Offloading water (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The sitting game, the goal... to have the entire 30 person platoon sit on each other's laps... (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


...sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, eventually everyone suceeds (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


C/Mcpl James Prevost helps prepare meals for the cadets, lunch is only an hour away  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


At Kayola Park, flat water canoe training is taking place under the supervision of Capt peter Tujik and his canoe cadre  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


the perfect place to be on a hot summer day in the Okanagan  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Lt Gord Cousins and Lt Tom Roebuck, canoe cadre (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Meanwhile on the ropes course Cdt Alex White from 2510 RM Rang RC(Army)CC Sicamous, BC takes on the commando crawl  (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cdt Raul Carlson 2893 SH of C RC(Army)CC Coquitlam, BC (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cdt Bior Bior 2276 RM Rang RC(Army)CC, Fort St. John, BC (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cdt Jennifer Wong of 2290 BCR RC(Army)CC Vancouver, BC (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cadet Tyler Heron of 2995 Medics RC(Army)CC, Lac Le Biche, AB (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cdt  Maryana Okis of 407 QOC Highrs RC(Army)CC, Winnipeg, MB (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cadet Napoleon Dmytroich of 1856 20 Sask D RC(Army)CC Moose Jaw, SK  (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cadet James Robinson 2924 RM Rang RC(Army)CC Barriere, BC (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cdt Alcia Cross of 3068 SALH RC(ArmyCC) Camrose, AB  (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


 (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


C/WO Goulet hamming it up  (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


C/WO Goulet makes it look easy  (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


It's a long way down (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Capt Jon Perry OC Leadership & Challenge (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


The view from the top of the abseil site  (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cdt Mitchell Parker 2294 Svc Bn RC(Army)CC Thunder Bay, ON (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Safety and training are very important (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Cdt Maryana Okis 407 QOC Highrs RC(Army)CC Winnipeg, MB (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


The view of Kalamalka Lake and the Monashee Mountains in the distance (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


C/WO Jasminder Bhinder 2822 R Westmr RC(Army)CC Surrey, BC and his cadets from 22 Platoon F Coy share a laugh in the field at Bennett's Ranch (VACSTC, Padre Jack Greenhalgh)


Padre Steve Paine and CSM Amanda Erikisen reflect (VACSTC, Padre Jack Greenhalgh)


The PPCLI memorial built in 1989 (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cadets from B Coy plan their skit for Sunday evening's muster parade, C/WO Chelsea Wilke supervises (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


...while cadets from Guard Coy create a full value contract, each hand represents a cadet and their goals for the summer (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


2Lt Dane Nicholson speaks with Cdt Josephine Thomas (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


2015 hrs, headquarters and B38 looking into Coutts' Common (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


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Guard Coy - in Camp

Trg Support Group (Adventure Platoons) - in Camp

Bravo Coy - in Camp

Charlie Coy - in Camp

Delta Coy - in Camp

Echo Coy - in Camp

Foxtrot Coy - on FTX at Bennett's Ranch

Hotel Coy - on FTX at Bennett's Ranch

Today's weather: Max Temp 37.3c   Min Temp. 16c Sunny and very hot

This day in Canadian Military History...

12 July 1812

American troops cross the Detroit River and land on Canadian soil at the town of Sandwich, Ontario, in the opening campaign of the War of 1812.

12 July 1943

Canadian troops continue to advance from their beachhead in southern Sicily, capturing the towns of Raguse and Modica. Resistance from the Italian troops on the island is mostly of a token nature.


Cadet Corps formed on this date

12 July 1915
#97 Canadian Cadet Ambulance Corps, Westinghouse #1 Coy
Canadian Cadet Ambulance Corps, Westinghouse #2 Coy