Monday, 16 July 2007 (37 photos)

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0700 Back to the barracks after morning PT, C/Sgt Cruickshank leads his platoon in a cool down (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


preparing to head out to air rifle range 1 (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


First aid and CPR training, the knowledge learnt here may save a life one day (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Capt Diane Blaine, a highly respected first aid instructor has been teaching this course for many years at VACSTC (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The KVR (Kettle Valley Railway) Trail (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


6 Platoon Adventure on the two-day short bike trip (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Air Rifle Range 1 (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


E Coy 17 Platoon's Cdt Randall Osborne from 38 RC(Army)CC Cross Lake MB, not bad for first time out  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Curtis Parker 1726 C Scot R RC(Army)CC Courtenay BC. At 10 metres, these targets are small (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Randall Osborne 38 RC(Army)CC Cross Lake MB, (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Chantal Halcrow 38 RC(Army)CC  Cross Lake, MB (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Stewart Moyer 2510 RM Rang RC(Army)CC Sicamous, BC being coached by C/Sgt Bobbie Carroll 1226 FGH RC(Army)CC Winnipeg, MB (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Capt Clarence Paul, the RSO (Range Safety Officer) for Air Rifle Range 1 cleans out an air rifle (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Ever wonder how long it takes to put an 5 man section over a 10 foot wall?   (VACSTC, F. Arseneault) by one... (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


...quickly over... (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


...pure teamwork... (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


...last man up, just under 30 seconds  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Congrats! (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Working on his boots D Coy 15 Platoon's Cdt Josh Bakewill 3003 PPCLI RC(Army)CC Wainwright AB (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Capt Karamjit Nagra (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Napolean Dmytrowich sketches as Cdts Marie France Dorval and Marie-Lynn Logan watch (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Marie France Dorval 2648 R de Chaud RC(Army)CC Levis QC and Cdt Marie-Lynn Logan 2950 52e Compagnie Médicale RC(Army)CC Windsor QC are two of five cadets from Quebec this summer. Both Cdts Dorval and Logan attended Valcatier ACSTC last summer on CLI D& C and CL respectively. Cdt Dorval commented on the adventure course they have just started... "I think it'll be more challenging with the higher elevations and steeper hills. It's something new, I like the challenge." Cdt Logan stated "It's really hot! but the scenery is beautiful."  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Brttany Turlock 903 BCD RC(Army)CC Kelowna, BC and Cdt Jennifer Wong 2290 BCR RC(Army)CC, Vancouver BC working on their boots  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Nice shine! (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Jordan Miller 1390 RCA RC(Army)CC Red Deer, AB (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Staff cadets sorting out problems and coming out with solutions amongst themselves (VACSTC, F.Arseneault)


6 Platoon adventure settles in for the night (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)




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Guard Coy - in Camp

Trg Support Group (Adventure Platoons) - 5 Pl in Camp, 6 Pl on KVR Bike tour

Bravo Coy - in Camp

Charlie Coy - departing for FTX at Bennett's Ranch

Delta Coy - in Camp

Echo Coy - in Camp

Foxtrot Coy - in Camp

Hotel Coy - in Camp

Today's weather: Max Temp. 33c Min Temp.  15c mostly sunny and hot

This day in Canadian Military History...

16 July 1673

Four days after landing at the Cataraqui River (Kingston, Ont.), the French complete the construction of Ft. Frontenac.

16 July 1976

Master Bombardier Gaston Berube is killed in a traffic accident while patrolling the US-Canada border. He is part of the Canadian Forces security team charged with keeping the border secure against terrorist incursion during the Montreal Olympics.


Army cadet corps formed on this date

16 July 1929
#344 MacGregor Cadet Corps