Friday, 20 July 2007 (50 photos)

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early morning Adventure Platoon on the bike trek (VACSTC, Cdt Marie-France Dorval)


Quarterguard formed and ready for inspection by the reviewing officer LCol Milligan CD  (VACSTC, W. Emde)


LCol Milligan inspects the quarterguard (VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


Flag Party marches on parade for first intake F Coy's grad parade (VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


C/MWO Amanda Eriksen F Coy CSM (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Inspecting F Coy (VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


Nice smiles, Capt Faye Shore GSO (General Safety Officer) and BOR clerk Jayne Lapointe watch the parade (VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


Marchpast in column of route (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Eyes right (VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


(VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


The CSMs (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Best Cadet 20 Platoon Cdt Garrett Chueng 2290 BCR RC(Army)CC, Vancouver BC (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Best Cdt 21 Platoon Cdt Evan Stein 1955 Svc Bn RC(Army)CC Calgary, AB (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Best Cdt 22 Paltoon Cdt William Smith 1292 LdSH RC(Army)CC Calgary, AB (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Best Shot 1st intake Cdt Robert Vanderveer 2509 RC Sigs RC(Army)CC Calgary, AB (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Top cadet F Coy Cdt Adrian McCrimmon 2983 RC(Army)CC Ft Nelson, BC (VACSTC, W. Emde)


2Lt Kit Pludek receives his promotion to Lt (VACSTC, W. Emde)


advance in review order (VACSTC, W. Emde)


(VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


After the march off, staff applaud F Coy (VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


After the parade, sticky buns and freshie in Coutts Common. In a few hours the first intake of F Coy basic Two-week course cadets will be on their way home with a second intake coming in for their first summer. During the three intakes over six weeks, some 300+ cadets from across western Canada will attend VACSTC.   (VACSTC, W. Emde)


WO Moses, C/MWO Heather Richardson, MWO Rob Roy, C/MWO C/MWO Parkin, C/MWO Carmen Anderson, C/MWO James Miskulin (VACSTC, Capt George Picken)


In the lecture tent lines (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Adventure Platoon on the bike trek Myra Canyon, one of the many tunnels. (VACSTC, Cdt Marie-France Dorval)


With F Coy's training complete, the cadets are given a cultural tour of the Greater Vernon and Area Museum (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Cdt Patrick Lebrun 2827 BCR RC(Army)CC Port Moody, BC stands next to a mannequin wearing a 1950s era cadet uniform and BCR hat badge. The Museum has the largest collection of Army Cadet memorabilia in Canada, most of which is in storage awaiting the anticipated expansion of the museum. When the museum expansion in a few years is completed, many hundreds of cadet items dating back to the 1880s will be displayed. (VACSTC, F. Arseneault) 


A cadet looks at one of the WWI displays in the museum (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Back from the bike trek, disembark at RV Papa and ride into camp (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


Another Friday night parade under a somewhat ominous sky. (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The RSM quickly gets parade information to the CSMs (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


fue-de-joi dry run, the first of the summer (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The staff cadets ensure the cadets in the guard perform every action correctly  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


C/MWO Ashley Rapson D Coy (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


C/WO Cooke on the tuba and C/WO Ravenor (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


the point of view from the band (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


The pennant winner this week... Training Coy, for the first time ever. Training Coy which include Adventure Platoons 5 & 6  (VACSTC, Capt Ken Prince)


(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


C/Mcpl Cara Lalonde 2887 RM Rang RC(Army)CC 100 Mile House BC and C/Sgt Ashley Maloney 72 SH of C RC(Army)CC Vancouver cheer for their Coy (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Dismissed for the evening, the battalion marches back to Sicily Square for final dismissal (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Training Coy raises their flag (VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


(VACSTC, Capt Chris Gerbrandt)


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Guard Coy - in Camp

Trg Support Group (Adventure Platoons) - 5 Pl returning from KVR bike tour, 6 Pl  in Camp

Bravo Coy - in Camp

Charlie Coy -  in Camp

Delta Coy - returning from FTX at Bennett's Ranch

Echo Coy - in Camp

Foxtrot Coy - in Camp

Hotel Coy - in Camp

Today's weather: Max Temp. 18c   Min Temp.   13c mostly cloudy, scattered showers 

This day in Canadian Military History...

20 July 1942

A Japanese submarine, I 26, shells the lighthouse and wireless station at Estevan Point, in British Columbia, inflicting minimal damage. The action marks the only direct enemy attack against Canadian territory during the war.

20 July 1953

HMCS Athabaskan fires the Royal Canadian Navy's last salvoes of the Korean War, shelling Chinese positions on the mainland near the island of Mu-Do.