Friday, 6 July 2007 (5 photos)

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The first plane load of cadets arrive, 2210 hrs (VACSTC, W. Emde)


 (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Staff cadets look on as cadets enter the terminal  (VACSTC, W. Emde)


LCol Al Dengis welcomes the first arriving cadets, a tradition going back to the 1950s when cadets arrived by passenger train at the downtown Vernon CNR train station (VACSTC, W. Emde)


Sorting out the luggage (VACSTC, W. Emde)


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Today's weather: Max Temp. 32.4c (humidex 36c)   Min Temp.  15c sunny and humid

This day in Canadian Military History...

6 July 1534
Today marks the first use of military weapons by Europeans against Canadian aboriginals, as a group of Micmacs is fired on from one of Jacques Cartier's ships.

6 July 1917
The House of Commons votes in favour of conscription, dividing the nation along French and English lines (with opposition to the measure also coming from organized labour and Western farmers).