Sunday, 8 July 2007 (15 photos)

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Playing the "Name Game", 6 Platoon Adventure under the supervision of 2Lt Brandon McAuley &2Lt Makrina Scott have fun learning all the names of members of the platoon (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



C/WO Jenny Hawirke explains how to write memorandums to some members of 3 Platoon Guard Coy  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



Guard Coy OC Maj Rob Hansen (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



Bravo Coy OC Maj Ammo Vecchio (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



The Sausage machine begins. Cdt Adrian Ivsic from D Coy figures out his shoe size  (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



D Coy's Cdt Alexander Jennings from 2554 PPCLI RC(Army)CC  gets measured for uniforms while C/Sgt Habibi looks on (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



(VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



F Coy, Cdt John Lloyd 2313 SALH RC(Army)CC getting a serious haircut from barber Murray Rodger (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



Capt Nagra speaking with the cadets from G Coy 1 Platoon (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



Lt Bryanne Materi works with her platoon solving the human knot (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



Lt Joel Klein and 2Lt Adam Csank (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



27 Platoon H Coy marching down the road with C/Sgt Norris (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)



2000 Hrs, sunset. Bugler C/WO Donald Atkins, Battalion orderly Warrant C/WO Patrick Tse (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


Everyone salutes, Battalion Orderly Officer Capt Don Buccini (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


 (VACSTC, F. Arseneault)


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Today's weather: Max Temp. 30c Min Temp. 13c sunny and hot

This day in Canadian Military History...

8 July 1874
"The Great March West" of the North West Mounted Police begins this day from Dufferin (Emerson, Man.). The force, consisting of 275 officers and men, is intended as a police presence on the developing Prairie.

8 July 1917
Troopers from the Ft. Garry Horse and Lord Strathcona's Horse stage a successful 150-man raid on the German line north of the Somme battlefield.