Monday, 11 Aug 2011 (8 photos)

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We remember (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


The morning after, another wonderful day in the Okanagan (VACSTC/Francois Arseneault)


A platoon marching back to barracks from afternoon lectures  (VACSTC/Francois Arseneault)


 (VACSTC/Francois Arseneault)


The new abseil tower and G20 in the background  (VACSTC/Francois Arseneault)


The importance of the cadets and staff is noticed by nearly every one in town (VACSTC/Francois Arseneault)


The floral clock in Polson Park (VACSTC/Francois Arseneault)


 End of the afternoon, time to go back to barracks and get ready for supper (VACSTC/Francois Arseneault)



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This day in Canadian Military History...

11 August 1756
3000 French regulars and Canadian militia prepare to lay siege to the English strongholds of Ft. Ontario and Chouaguen (Oswego, N.Y.)

11 August 1918
The Battle of Amiens grinds to a halt after three days of steady advances by the Canadian Corps. There are already 9,074 Canadian casualties to account for an advance that is well ahead of the Australian and French attacks.

11 August 1954
The first Canadian observers arrive in Indo-China to begin monitoring the ceasefire between French and Viet Mihn troops.


11 August 2006

Cpl. Andrew James Eykelenboom died during an attack by a suicide bomber on a Canadian convoy that was resupplying a forward fire base south of Kandahar near the border with Pakistan. A medic with the 1st Field Ambulance based in Edmonton, he was in his mid 20s and had been in the Canadian Forces for four years.