Friday, 5 Aug 2011 (42 photos)

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On the walk to the former Environment Canada weather station now the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, a 350' elevation gain from Coutts Common in the training centre. Staff have been making this walk for many years as part of morning PT. (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


...the daily morning ritual for many staff, LCol Lyle Johnson and Padre Jack Greenhalgh stop briefly at the gate  (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


On the way down, Capt John Hungar ambushes them with his own form of poetry (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


CI Yeung & Capt Materi have a rather... odd way of getting up the hill. (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


2nd intake GT Grad Parade

Maj Govind Reddy and the reviewing officer for the second intake General Training, BGen (ret'd) Ray Rhomses, OMM, CD. BGen Romses attended VACSTC in 1967-68 as a cadet in 2296 Royal Canadian Artillery RC(Army)CC as well as several summers at Banff NACSTC before joining the regular force.  (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Maj Steve Martens, Maj Rob Thompson  (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Quarter guard (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Sean Lafferty (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Darren Lam (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Amanda Robinson (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Eric Dubord (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


CI Davis (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Xenaj-Rae Tilden (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Trevor Gallicano (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Jeremiah James (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Cassandra Killaby (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Rosalynn Mahler (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Maguire (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Tyler Coley (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


The reviewing officer inspects the parade (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Cdt Jacob Wall (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


March past (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Best cadet 10 Platoon Cdt Emma McNulty 2815 RCACC Watson, Saskatchewan (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Best cadet 11 Platoon Cdt Wayne Sizer 1390 RCACC Red Deer, AB (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Best cadet 12 Platoon Cdt Duncan Swedlo 2512 RCACC Cochrane, AB (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Best cadet 13 Platoon Cdt Steven Turner 1725 RCACC Chilliwack, BC (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Best cadet 14 Platoon Cole Sinclair 2836 RCACC Edmonton, AB (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Alexander Malczynski award for the best shot for the second intake of General Training Cdt Wayne Sizer 1390 RCACC Red Deer, AB (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Best Cadet overall for the second intake of General Training Cdt Andrew Labossiere 1226 RCACC Winnipeg, MB (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


BGen Ray Romses, Maj Reg Tweeten, LCol Lyle Johnson (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


MCpl Stewart (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Echo Training Group 20 Platoon back from the field (VACSTC/Capt Debbie Middleton)



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This day in Canadian Military History...

5 August 1775
Mohawk scouts, operating from St. Jean, are fired upon by an advance party of Rebels north of Lake Champlain as a prelude to the American invasion of Canada.

5 August 1943
Canadian troops are in action for the last time on the island of Sicily. Four rifle companies from the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, about 45 men, charge across 300 yards of open ground to capture Hill 736 from a force of 100 German defenders.


5 August 2006

Master Cpl. Raymond Arndt of the Edmonton-based Loyal Edmonton Regiment was killed when a G-Wagon making a supply run collided with a civilian truck. Three other Loyal Edmonton Regiment soldiers were also injured in the crash: Cpl. Jared Gagnon of Sherwood Park, Cpl. Ashley Van Leeuwen of St. Paul and Pte. Adam Keen of Edmonton.