Monday, 18 July 2011 (4 photos)

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Day's end, trumpet is sounded at sunset and the flag is lowered marking the end of another training day (VACSTC/ Wayne Emde)


A wonderful double rainbow (VACSTC/ Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/ Wayne Emde)


Perfect (VACSTC/ Wayne Emde)



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Today's weather: Max Temp. 24c Min Temp.  14c sunny and scattered showers

This day in Canadian Military History...

18 July 1696

A French army of 2000 men (regulars, Canadian militia, and Mission Iroquois) are returning to Montreal from attacks on Onondaga villages south of Lake Ontario. Count Frontenac, now in his 74th year, accompanies the force.

18 July 1944

Operation Goodwood opens in Normandy this morning as RAF and RCAF bombers launch repeated attacks on the enemy defences in and around Caen. The bombardment is a prelude of the Canadian attempt to clear Caen and push the Germans southwards towards Falaise.