Tuesday, 26 July 2011 (8 photos)

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Raising the Patricia flag at the PPCLI monument

(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Patricia cadets... (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


...Patricias all (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


The training centre's flag is at half mast in honour of the passing of former commanding officer Col Jake Beer, MBE, CD. Col Beer commanding the camp from 1976 to 1979 (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


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This day in Canadian Military History...

26 July 1686
English traders at Ft. Albany surrender their fort to Canadian raiders after withstanding a twenty-four hour bombardment.

26 July 1759
The French garrison of 450 men at Ft. Niagara surrenders to an overwhelming British force of 5000 men.

26 July 1943
Sixty-six bombers from the RCAF's No.6 Group join a raid on the German city of Essen, which is pulverized for the loss of only two aircraft.