Tuesday, 5 July 2011 (4 photos)

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Senior staff briefing in the newly refurbished C42 (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Staff cadets meet with the Military Police section  (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Checking out the radios in the MP's SUV (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


(VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


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Today's weather: Max Temp.  30.9c   Min Temp.  9.9c  sunny and heating up

This day in Canadian Military History...

5 July 1814
American regulars defeat a British column at the Battle of Chippewa (Niagara peninsula). Losses are heavy on both sides but the British, out manoeuvered by Winfield Scott, beat a hasty retreat and leave the field to the advancing Americans.

5 July 1943
The transport ship Devis is struck by a torpedo while carrying Canadian troops and equipment to the Sicily invasion. Within twenty minutes the ship has sunk, taking vehicles and men with her.

Cadet Corps formed on this day -  #139 Bridgewater Public School Cadet Corps, Bridgewater NS, 5 July 1905