Friday, 8 July 2011 (13 photos)

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LCol Lyle Johnson, CD, Commanding Officer (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Maj Judy Peter, CD, Deputy Commanding Officer (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Maj Reg Tweten, CD, Officer Commanding Charlie Training Group (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Maj Vickie Mowat, Officer Commanding Alpha Training Group (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Maj Rob Thompson, CD, Officer Commanding Delta Training Group (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Maj Kelly March, CD, Officer Commanding Bravo Training Group (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


MWO Plante, CD, QMSI (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Maj Steve Martens, CD, OC Training Support & Duty Services (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Capt Kevin Seal, Adjutant (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Capt Thor Toms, CD, Admin officer (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


MWO Hettrick, CD, Training Centre Sergeant Major (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Staff cadet appointments (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


Raising the flags along the parade squares, a sure sign that the cadets are coming (VACSTC/Wayne Emde)


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This day in Canadian Military History...

8 July 1874
"The Great March West" of the North West Mounted Police begins this day from Dufferin (Emerson, Man.). The force, consisting of 275 officers and men, is intended as a police presence on the developing Prairie.

8 July 1917
Troopers from the Ft. Garry Horse and Lord Strathcona's Horse stage a successful 150-man raid on the German line north of the Somme battlefield.