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Vernon ACSTC (VACC) Museum update: 4 June 2013 

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Lots of work to do. Fundraising ongoing. Proposed opening date early July 2013

The staff from the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives are heading up this project, I'm working alongside Curator Ron Candy and Archivist Barb Bell, two very qualified professionals with decades of experience. Together we have access to thousands of photos from the Archives extensive collection and items from the Vernon museum. We also have access to several private collections, as a result some very unique may be displayed.  



If you would like to make a financial contribution you can do so by sending a cheque or money order to the 

Greater Vernon Museum

3009 - 32nd Avenue
Vernon, BC

make note on donation "Vernon Camp Museum". A tax receipt can be issued from the museum. 

A Donor Wall has been planned for the building as a way of thanking everyone who has helped make this a possibility . 

Founders $1000+    1 individual

Benefactors $250-999       2 individuals

Supporters $25-249    5 individuals

As an incentive... we will will auction off a few T-shirt pellons designed by  Rod McLeod. You may remember Rod as one of the organizers of the 1994 and 1999 reunions and a former cadet from the 1960s. Rod has generously donated a few of these unique pellons suitable for framing (15" x 15"). These colourful pellons were produced as proofs for the numerous t-shirts Rod produced for regiments and units. Only a small handful of these were created, now is your chance to own one of these rare pieces. Many of these are on display in messes and headquarters across Canada.

This will be a fun auction, I will update the bids as they come in. The auction for these two will close on May 31 at 9:00PM. Same financial arrangements, make payment to the Vernon Museum as per above. We will mail out the pellon or you can make arrangements to pick up. Very much looking forward to this, should be fun! Minimum bid $20. 

email us to bid 

name and number off the pellon you're bidding on

#1 - Engineers/Genie Canada - an undated piece from around 1994, great colour on white, perfect condition

Bid: name:
Capt Graham Brunskill $25.00 (Winner)

#2 - Rocky Mountain Rangers  - a 1992 piece, great colour on white, perfect condition, yes it's 21 years old and has been in storage that long!

Bid: name:
$50.00 Capt T.D. Brookes (Winner)

#3 - British Columbia Regt  - a beautiful 1994 piece, great colour on black, up the Dukes!

Bid: name:

#4 - Canadian Airborne Regt  - gone but not forgotten, 1990 dated

Bid: name:
$50.00 Capt Geoff Gaucher (Winner)

#5 - EME  - Strong colours on black

Bid: name:
$25.00 Diane Scott (Winner)

#6 - Lord Strathcona Horse (RC) Riding Troop  - nice colours on white, 1992

Bid: name:

#7 - Armour School OT Sqn  - For anyone who ever spent time in Gagetown, the rumble of leopards and growl of cougars... nice colours on black, 1993

Bid: name:

#8 - Yukon Regt  - undated but from the same 1993 period

Bid: name:

#9 - Calgary Highlanders Pipes & Drums, Her Majesty's Presentation of the Colours - A beautiful and fairly rare piece from 1990, great detail!

Bid: name:

#10 - the Maintainers - Very nice rendition of the HLVW recovery vehicle operated by EME, 1993 

Bid: name:
$25.00 Diane Scott (Winner)

#11 - 1 RCHA the Guns - With the M109 self propelled 155mm gun, now replaced by the M777 gun, 1995

Bid: name:

Bid: name:


Bid: name:




All funds will be go towards the museum project.


Where will the money go?

Fitting out a museum display can be costly, however, we plan on making every penny count. Therefore all work including my time is volunteer. No admin costs. Here are items currently needed:

6 foot tall glass enclosed display cases approx $800-1200 each, quantity needed (12) twelve - $14,400

one HD display monitor with DVD player $600 - $600

one possibly two large mirrors , seamless 7' x 10' - $2500-$5000

photo mounting, 100+ photos, materials and adhesives $500

text panels 20-40 panels, materials and adhesives $500

signage exterior - $200

misc - $500

time - volunteer

total 2013 budget  $21,700 


the Idea

This project has been in the works for many years, it's only through the foresight and kind generosity of the training centre and their staff that this project will finally become a reality. Argonaut ACSTC and Rocky Mountain NACSTCs both have museums on their grounds, Finally Vernon will as well. This facility will perform a duty to cadets by helping preserve and showcase the training center's vast and fascinating history. It will be open to the public as it is within the confines of the holding area green space in front of B35 (intake and reception centre). This green space also displays a commemorative Lynx armoured recce vehicle and Patricia Way. Cadets, staff, visitors and guests will be able to tour the museum in July and August during regular hours seven days a week. 


the implementation

Research and planning for the museum has been ongoing for over a year. Design and layout are currently underway. The museum will take a chronological view of the training centre. 

The building interior has been repaired, painted and cleaned, occupying 900 square feet, it has enough space to make this a very worthwhile project. The museum's main room, entered from the main entrance facing Patricia Way, will introduce visitors to the history of the train centre with text panels explaining the early years of the camp from it's first summers on Kin beach and on Mission hill in temporary tent camps to the 1915-16 establishment of the CEF camp through the summer months of those years training thousands of men for the battlefield in Europe to the between the wars period to the WWII construction of #110 Basic Infantry Training Centre and the buildings we see today. As you walk around the room the next series of panels will depict the first summer the camp was open in 1949 with a series of vivid photos and plenty of information, the panels will progress through the 1950s explaining the impact the Korean War had and the subtle and yearly changes that began with the training of army cadets at Vernon. A cabinet perhaps two will show uniforms and other materials.

Passing into the open room connecting the three other rooms, you walk into the first office, photos and display from 1960s in the mid 70s make the majority of this room with text panels and numerous photos, one cabinet will display a period uniform.

The second office will be recreated as a full scale barracks room display with the metal bunk bed we are familiar with, full bedding, two 1970s era barracks boxes and all the materials and uniforms laid out to give the appearance of barracks room circa 1977. This can and will be changed every year to reflect other time periods. The most important aspect to this room is the professional installation of two seamless 7 foot tall 10 feet wide perfect mirrors, this will create the illusion of depth when viewed from the entrance. 

The third office like the first will continue with mid 1970s through 1980s and 1990s, the girls arrive in 1975, the centennial of army cadets in 1979, USMC Jr ROTC exchange program and the post office display.

The joining open room along three offices. 1990s through to current day display, a large map of the camp and exit through back door.



C39 - long time Vernon Military Camp post office and guard shack, located along the east side of Highway 97. Until the completion of the tunnel under the highway, this was the last building cadets passed before they crossed the highway to Dieppe Square on Friday night and Saturday morning parades.


C39 looking east. It was also the camp post office from WWII to well into the 1970s.


interior, main room - This will be the first part of the museum featuring a display explaining the camp's origins going back to 1911, WWI and the CEF, the between the wars period, WWII and the construction of the barracks and buildings and into the first years of the training centre for cadets 1949 through the late 1950s. Uniforms, photos and memorabilia will be displayed here.


interior, main room - looking south, the first of and eventual group of display securely displaying items of interest.


first office - Photos and display from 1960s in the mid 70s


Second office - the barracks room display, some clever use of a full wall mirror will create the illusion of a much truer barracks room. Period bunk bed; full bedding and and a pair of 1970s vintage fiberglass constructed brass cornered barracks boxes, uniform items, still looking for a pair of the white classic converse runners we were issued through out the 1970s. The plan to change the decade every years: 1950s through 2000s in future years.


third office - more displays, mid 70s through 1980s and 90s, the girls arrive, post office display


joining open room along three offices. 1990s through to current day display and exit through back door.

And that's what 900 square feet looks like empty, imagine it full of our history!

Help us make this project a reality. Together we can preserve and display the rich history of Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre.