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LCol L.J.L. St.Laurent, OBE, ED


LCol Lucien Joseph St.Laurent was born 1903 in Ottawa, Ontario. He joined Le Regt de Hull in 1926 and served with the regiment in peacetime to 1939. With the outbreak of war he served with 1 Div HQ, CMHQ before returning to Le Regt de Hull in 1942, he was now in BC and served with 18th Infantry Brigade in Port Alberni.  In 1943 he attended the senior officers course at the Coldstream Battledrill School. Now promoted to Major, he rejoined his regiment and served under under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Dollard Ménard, DSO, a hero of the Dieppe raid. The regiment embarked for the Aluetian islands to take part in the Kiska raid as part of 13 Infantry Brigade. "D" Day for Kiska was set for 15 August 1943. Since the enemy had secretly abandoned the island, our troops were not called upon to fight. The Regiment nonetheless had to stay on the island until January 1944, during which time the soldiers were subjected to the worst weather conditions endured by the Canadian Army anywhere, throughout its entire history. Upon retuning from Kiska, he departed for Europe. He was promoted to LCol Feb 1944 and command of Le Regt de Hull. On 1 Nov 1944, LCol St.Laurent was awarded the OBE. He returned to Ottawa after the war and served at NDHQ, in 1949 to BC Area HQ. in 1951 he was posted to Western Command in Edmonton, AB. He retired from the Canadian Army Dec 1955 


ST.LAURENT, Lucien Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel, ED - Officer, Order of the British Empire - Infantry - awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 1 January 1945 and CARO/5244 dated 5 January 1945.

This officer has served continuously in the Canadian Army since February 1929 when he received his commission in the Non-Permanent Active Militia. Upon the outbreak of this war he was appointed Camp Commandant Headquarters 1 Canadian Division and proceeded overseas in that appointment. In September 1940 he was appointed Staff Captain, Canadian Military Headquarters. He subsequently returned to Canada and attended a Canadian War Staff course. Later he was promoted to the rank of Major and served with Le Regiment de Hull. Subsequently he served as Brigade Major 18 Canadian Infantry Brigade and 13 Canadian Infantry Brigade. In this latter appointment he participated in the expedition to the Aleutian Islands. Upon returning to Canada he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and given command of Le Regiment de Hull. He returned to the United Kingdom in May 1944. Lieutenant-Colonel St.Laurent is a very outstanding French-Canadian officer and has performed very valuable services in his various staff appointments and as Commanding Officer of Le Regiment de Hull. In this latter capacity he has been instrumental in the training of French Canadian infantry reinforcements in the United Kingdom.




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