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CWO Paul Plante CD



MWO Plante was born in Quebec City in 1952, was raised and educated in the North of Quebec. In 1970 he joined the Army as an Infantryman with the Royal 22nd Regiment.

After attending basic training at CFB St-Jean and Valcartier, he was posted to the 2R22R at the Citadel, in Quebec City . In October 1971, he deployed on his first tour of duty overseas to Cyprus . In January 1973, he went on the jump course and was posted to 1st Commando in Edmonton . In 1974, he went for the second tour to Cyprus for 9 months during the Greek coup d’etat and Turkish invasion. During that tour, the Airborne Regiment suffered two dead and 17 casualties. Back with the 2R22R, he spent the summer at the 1976 Olympic game in Montreal and went on the jungle warfare training in Australia for 2 months. In 1979, MWO Plante was posted to 1R22R in Germany as Section Commander in a mechanized Riffle Company, group commander and fire controller in the mortar platoon. In 1983, he went back to the 2R22R as Transport NCO and Platoon Warrant in a motorized Infantry Company. In 1987, he returned to Germany for an other three years as Platoon Warrant in the machine gun platoon and Drum Major. In 1991, MWO Plante was posted to BC at Canadian Forces Officer Cadet School (CFOCS) in Chilliwack as Platoon Warrant. In 1993, he deployed to Iraq as NBC specialist for Chemical Destruction Group in Baghdad (UNSCOM 38). After the base closure in Chilliwack in 1997, he transferred with the Royal Westminster Regiment. Promoted MWO in 2002, he deployed 3 times oversea; Bosnia (2000) as Platoon Warrant , Sierra Leone (2005) with IMATT as Military Advisor and Sudan (2008) as AVGP Training Advisor. He taught a number of leadership courses such as PLQ, SLC, 6B, BOTC, and the Infantry phases in Gagetown.  He was the Company Sergeant Major for D Coy for BC forest fire in 2003 in Chase and numerous times for the Summer Training Company in Chilliwack . He also worked for the Cadets in Whitehorse for two summers as Training Advisor (2004-2010) and as QMSI in Vernon 2011. In December 2008, he was appointed the Regimental Sergeant Major for the Royal Westminster Regiment for 3 years.

He is separated and lives in Chilliwack .