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Bill Edwards on bugle (Cam Lebond)


(Cam Lebond)


(Cam Lebond)


WO Sinclair Burgis (A Coy 2 Platoon Warrant) on our way to Eagle Rock for the rock climbing portion of CLI, 1979. It was common practice to ride in the back of deuce and halfs, whether to the field or beach parade, the NCOs would always sit at the tailgate. In a few years they would be replaced by school busses. (Francois Arseneault)


Eagle Rock, the rock climbing site  (Francois Arseneault)


The view from the bivouac site at Eagle Rock  (Francois Arseneault)


At Eagle Rock bivouac site, A Coy 2 Platoon. Some of the cadets - Matt MacDonell, Phil Exner, Vielvoye, WO Sinlair Burgis at far right (Dale Sumislouski)


Skit night at Eagle Rock. (Dale Sumislouski)


Skit night at Eagle Rock, a caricature of WO Sinclair Burgis. (Dale Sumislouski)


A Coy 2 Platoon's Lt Dale Sumislouski and WO Sinclair Burgis, 1979 (Francois Arseneault)


One of the platoons of F Coy writing tests under the marquee tent in the lectures lines, mid August 1979. You can almost feel the heat, note the parched ground nearly devoid of all vegetation. As well there are twin propane tanks in the background for the mess hall. Until the late 1980s propane was used for cooking and heating at the camp. (Phil Edge)


Map & compass (Cam Leblond)


Map & compass (Cam Leblond)


Cdts Pellin, Low and Adams on map and compass training (Cam Leblond)


Map & compass (Cam Leblond)


Map & compass (Cam Leblond)


Darts in the courtyard of the officers mess (Cam Leblond)


A Friday night parade, once again with Joe Durbin in the flag party. (Dale Sumislouski)


Pat Watterston in the barracks, A Coy. (Francois Arseneault)


Wendy Pottle  (Francois Arseneault)


James Waldron and Joe Durbin  (Francois Arseneault)



Formed up for a Friday Night Parade. FNs, bayonets and frogs, pith helmets and white belts.   (Francois Arseneault)


Marching over to Dieppe Square Friday Night Parade  (Francois Arseneault)


Friday Night Parade, Tyler Hartford (USMC Jr ROTC) in the Platoon Sgt position for the night. (Francois Arseneault)


Swim Parade at Okanagan Landing. The 4 or 5 swim platforms were well positioned from 30 to 120 into the lake. Thousands of cadets learned how to swim here, losing their fear of water. Across the lake, the only development is a handful of lots along the lakeshore, a far cry from today's growth.  (Francois Arseneault)


Another view of swim parade, for the CL cadets in was a twice weekly parade, for CLI once a week. (Francois Arseneault)


The view out the back of a deuce on the way back from swim parade. (Francois Arseneault)


B24 barracks, A Coy's home looking towards the lecture rooms of B16.  (Francois Arseneault)


Neil Scott and Doug Hollin in the butts, FN-C1 qualification shoot. (Francois Arseneault)


Left handed Pat Watterson firing the FN-C1 at the 100 yard mark. (Francois Arseneault)


The view from the front of the deuce as we entered the camp, Band Coy's barracks in the K-line on the left  (Francois Arseneault)


Ray Vecchio rappel training at Eagle Rock north of Vernon (Cam Leblond)


Cdts Perry Howse, Byron Hiscock and Mike Perry on the archery range along the west side of H10. (Cam Leblond)


The band marches on a Friday night parade, Randy Fielder drum major, Cpl Rick Packowitz is marching along the band, Scotty Horn (drummer) on left side (Cam Leblond)


one of the more intensive components of EX Tyro, lifting a jeep without an auto jack, just logs and brute force.  (Cam Leblond)