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In the days before the staff cadet mess dinner, individual companies would organize their own staff parties, rather casual affairs at a restaurant downtown. Staff from another company would supervise our company for the evening and we would return the favour. Eventually these staff parties were phased out in favour of one single large and very well organized staff cadets mess dinner. The following photos are of D Coy's end of summer staff party, not sure what restaurant we had it at, but it was a wonderful evening filled with laughs and thank yous.

Maj Gerry Ratchford was D Coy's OC, his CSM was Sgt Gord Discoteaux (1 PPCLI). The 2I/C was Lt Bill McGraw, a very funny man. Our platoon commanders were Lt Dave Gordon, OCdt Gordon Gervais and OCdt Huggett. 

Sgt Gord Discoteaux (left) and Lt Bill McGraw (right), gift exchange


Sgt Gord Discoteaux


Maj Gerry Ratchford and Lt Dave Gordon, gift exchange


Sgt Gord Discoteaux and Capt Bill McGraw 


Lt Bill McGraw and unknown


Maj Gerry Ratchford


Matt Macdonnel and Gord Discoteaux 


Ian Douglas, Rick Knight


Bill McGraw and Todd Penner


Ian Douglas, Phil Exner, Kerry Richards and Francois Arseneault


Linda Sampson


Todd Penner


Sgts & WOs golf tourney

Gord Discoteaux (1), Gerry Ratchford (2), George Doncaster (4), Bruce Spence (5), LCol Snow (7)


Maj Gerry Ratchford and D Coy officers on Dieppe Square for the grad Parade


With the grad parade completed and cadets starting to disperse for home, the staff and cadets of D Coy presented the company flag to the OC Maj Gerry Ratchford, the flag has now been donated to the Greater Vernon Museum.

(all photos Gerry Ratchford coll.)


E Coy marching in the Kelowna Reggata parade

(Andy Joerison coll.)


Capt Chick Davis (food services officer) checking in on pies being baked in J1 (Cam Leblond)