BNACSTC Film & Video clips

Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to have film shot of the camps, it has been saved and stored. These are just shorts clips... enjoy! You will require Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view most media clips. If you do not have the above, Download Here from the Microsoft site.


Banff, hiking, training and grad parade 1977  1:21 minutes 5.4mb (.wmv file)  - Excerpt from 1978 RCAC Recruiting film. (16mm film with sound)

Presentation of the Royal Banner 1985 :55 seconds 7.1mb (.wmv file)  - HRH Prince Philip presents the RCAC with the Royal Banner at Banff in 1985. (Film & Video with sound)

National Pipes & Drums & Cascade Mountain 1991 :42 seconds 5.4mb (.wmv file)  - A practice of the national Pipes & Drums on the parade square below Cascade Mountain, spectacular. (Video with sound, stereo)