Dundurn Film & Video clips

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This is some exceedingly rare colour film footage of training at Dundurn Army Cadet Camp in WWII.  These are just shorts clips... enjoy! You will require Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view most media clips. If you do not have the above, Download Here from the Microsoft site.

note it may take as long as 2 minutes to download film clip

Dundurn WWII :58 seconds 7.5mb (16mm film, no sound)
Dundurn Pt2 WWII 4:06 seconds  (16mm film, no sound) barracks, interior, walking around, camp, going home, boarding steam train, depart
Dundurn Pt3 WWII 4:14 seconds 21.3mb (16mm film, no sound) Cadets arriving by bus, issued kit, training, parade, etc

Dundurn Pt4 WWII 4:50 seconds 24.3mb (16mm film, no sound) officers, sports meet, parade

Dundurn Pt5 WWII 2:50 seconds 14.3mb (16mm film, no sound) sport meet

Dundurn Pt6 WWII 1:42 seconds  (16mm film, no sound) MIR, ambulance, HQ, rifle range, Bren gun firing

Dundurn Pt1 Late 1940s 1:11 seconds (16mm film, no sound) Cadet canteen, pay parade

Dundurn Pt2 Late 1940s 2:40 seconds (16mm film, no sound) barracks, post office, mail call, flag, fire dept, aerial of camp
Dundurn Pt3 Late 1940s 3:04 seconds (16mm film, no sound) boarding busses, going home, parade 
Dundurn Pt4 Late 1940 or early 50s 2:37 seconds (16mm film, no sound) Parade, awards
Dundurn Pt5 Late 1940 or early 50s 2:31 seconds (16mm film, no sound) advance to contact, cleaning rifles, vehicles, track & field
Dundurn Pt6 Late 1940 or early 50s :58 seconds (16mm film, no sound) Pool
Dundurn Pt7 Late 1940 or early 50s 2:41 seconds (16mm film, no sound) MIR, campfire, parade in Saskatoon(?), Bren gun carriers, Sherman tanks, walking through field, lecture

Dundurn 1952 (approx) grad parade 5:08 seconds (16mm film, no sound) Lt Gov W.J. Patterson reviewing officer