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Many cadets have gone to greater goals. Here's a few of them

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WO Darren P. Darbyson MSM, CD (ret'd)


            Was born in Edmonton , Alberta May 1960. Joined Army Cadets with the 2551 Canadian Airborne Regiment Cadet Corps in Edmonton . Attended Vernon Army Cadet Camp in 1976. Did the Outward Bound Wales’s course the summer of 1977 and then took the Basic Parachutist course the following summer of ’78. After graduating from High School, applied to join the Regular Force as an Infantry man and went to Basic training in Cornwallis , NS . Jan 1979. Upon completion of Basic Training was sent to Wainwright Alberta for Basic Infantry training with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Posted shortly there after to the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in Winnipeg , MB .

            Wanting to be a paratrooper at a young age was transferred to the Canadian Airborne Regiment's, 2 Commando Dec 1979. Did a  UN tour to Cyprus in 1982 with 2 CDO and then was transferred to Recce Platoon. Became a Patrol Pathfinder and was trained in Freefall. Enjoyed parachuting so much went to the Cdn. Forces Parachute Team the Skyhawks in 1983. After being injured twice, re-mustered in 1984 to Medic and was transferred to Baden-Baden Germany . While healing in Germany applied to become a Search and Rescue Technician (SAR Tech) in 1987 and attended course 8801 in 1988. Upon graduation was posted to 440 Sqn. Edmonton . While in Edmonton , participated in the rescue of 13 survivors of a CC-130 Hercules plane crash on Ellesmere Island near CFS Alert (Boxtop 22). Along with fellow rescuers, was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for parachuting at a very low altitude into the crash site in darkness, during a blizzard.

            Spent 18 years as a SAR Tech and was involved in numerous rescues on land and sea. Postings included 424 Sqn Trenton , ON as well as 413 Sqn. Greenwood NS. Retired from the Regular Force Feb 2006 after 27 years of service. Married to an Island girl and has three children. Presently resides in Prince Edward Island .