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Where are they now?


Many cadets have gone to greater goals. Here's a few of them

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Captain Doug Gardner.  I joined the 2360 Cameron Highlands of
Ottawa Cadet Corps in Sep 1969. I remained in the Cadet Corps until May
1974 having achieved the appointment of Regimental Sergeant Major.
During my cadet time, I completed all five summers at Ipperwash.  I
qualified as a Master Cadet and finally as a CLI Officer.  I moved on to
the 28 Ottawa Service BN, where I qualified as an MSE Op and Vehicle
technician and completed my first of three United Nation. I then
departed military service and joined the London City Police Force and
became a police constable for approximately 16 months.  Fortunately the
call to service in the military was stronger then the call to serve the
police force.  I separated from the London Police Force and joined the
regular force as an Armoured crewman in the finest Armoured Regiment in
the Canadian Forces, which of course is the Lord Strathcona's
Horse(Royal Canadians).  I have now completed 28 years as a "Strathcona"
and had the honour to serve the soldiers of the Regiment as their
Regimental Sergeant Major.  I am now a Commissioned Officer and posted
to Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado, USA. Perseverance.

Doug Gardner
Deputy Commander
Missile Correlation Center - Alpha
Cheyenne Mountain AFS
Colorado Springs, CO