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For those who have been fortunate to have spent a summer or several summers at Whitehorse, the memories are varied and amazing. We invite you to submit in about 250 words or less any story you would like to share. Be sure to include your name and original cadet corps and year the story takes place in if possible.

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I went to the Cadet Camp Whitehorse numerous times, and the best thing I remember was when I was on CLI Adventure(CLI Patrolling then).  We were on a 5 day patrol and trekked from Lake Labarge to the camp through the Golden Horn Mountain.  It was the day before we were due back at camp that we got to the top of Golden Horn Mountain.  When we got to the top, the weather was just perfect!  A few clouds here and there, but not enough to cover the hot sun!  We were all ordered to get to the top only to find out that there was a helicopter on its way with someone that we did not know!  When it got there, as per our training in landing a helicopter, we did as taught.  The helicopter landed and dropped off some food!  It was not rations that was dropped off, but rather nice hot mess food with ice cream and some sodas!  That meal we all shared was the best meal I have ever had after four days of eating rations!  I do not think there was anything better than that that I can remember of, besides leading a precision drill team when I was attending Cadet Leader.  That is another story to be told, but the story I just told, is far too hard to top off!
Sam Curley


1989 Army Basic
1990 Cadet Leader
1991 CLI Adventure
1992 Platoon WO Cadet Leader
1993 Platoon Sergeant Cadet Leader
1994 Company Quarter Master Sergeant Bravo Company

3 Mar 2007

I spend the summers of 1977, 1978 and 1979 at the then "Whitehorse Army Cadet Camp" All the cadets and some of the staff cadets stayed in Yukon Hall.  Some of the staff cadets and junior officers stayed at YVTTC. ( Yukon Vocational and Technical Training Centre) The senior officers stayed downtown in Pelly Block.  In 1977 I was a cadet platoon Cpl. I remember setting up tents behind Yukon hall to use as classrooms, as well we had some classes in the school across the street from Yukon Hall, I can’t remember the name of the school. Some of the reg force staff had personal travel trailers behind Yukon Hall that they stayed, some had their families with them. Major Gayfer was in charge of the band, I had nothing to do with the band but I remember the major. He and his wife rented a small house next to Yukon Hall, they were both favorites of all us cadets. The supply building was located next to the Chalet restaurant, across from the entrance to the airport. I remember helping out in stores for cadet intake and at the end of the season.  Most of the male staff cadets took down beds from Yukon Hall and put them away for the season. They had to put back the proper beds for the school. I remember going to Dawson City for Discovery Days, we went to see the dredges and went panning for gold.  In 1978 & 1979 I worked as a cadet Sgt in MSE.  In MSE I made sure there were vehicles and drivers available when required to move cadets as well as other support vehicles as required to. It was in MSE that I started my career as a dispatcher, a job I have done in various industries for almost 30 years. The thing I remember most from all of those years are the people. Linda Smith, Shane Fisher, Paul Anderson, Reg Hutchings, Trevor Smith, and all the rest. Over the years I have lost track with most of them. If any of you from that era read this site please feel free to contact me, it would be great to catch up.


Val “Mickey Vockeroth” Roeder

2313 SALH & 145 RCSCC Medicine Hat

1 Dec 2006

Summer of 1979. My first experience of going to cadet camp and it was 7 weeks in the WNCC Drum and Bugle Band. I had never even SEEN a bugle before that summer as I played trumpet but was hooked by the second week. I still know all the bugle calls I learned that summer and the trick my Sgt showed me on how to remember the sequence of notes by putting them into a sentence of sylables. “Go to the wash-room” always comes to mind when playing sunset. I made a lot of good friends that summer. I miss Sici (Kelly) but still have her picture. Thanks to the internet, Fig (Bobbi) has found me again and we’ve renewed our friendship. But I will never forget the Dawson City Discovery Days Parade or the ceremony we played at for the opening of the Alaskan Highway. It was the day after Mr. Deifenbaker died, he was to be in attendance and we were confused as to why there was a chair draped in black on the podiem (hey we were kids). While traveling to Dawson from Whitehorse (via dirt road) the bus blew a tire that also blew a hole in the floor (scared the heck out of us). I still remember the words to the “Loud and the Proud”. The loud and the proud are we-e-e-e-e…. we’re the band from the N-C-C-c-c-c-c-. With drums and glockenspiel, we’ll show you how we feel. With bugles and cymbals free…. (and my favorite part) We travel from sea to sea-a-a-a and we drink lots of grape fresh-ie-e-e-e…. ForGET all the rest cause WE are the BEST, the Loud and the Proud are we-e-e-e-e. ahhhh memories. 

Roxanne Hood (nee Todd)

WNCC 1979 

20 Nov 2006

Whitehorse 2004

The best memory I have of Whitehorse 2004 would have to be the time I spent with all my friends.  Mainly Dave Dicky, Peter Kane, Ella Bartee, Spencer Boyd, and all the other ones.  All the times we spent at the weekly dances, the songs we sang, and the time out in the field.  The best time we ever had was the night before Pouliout was getting RTU'ed.  It was a dance and we all acted really stupid and trying to think he wasn't leaving.  Whitehorse was the best summer I've had with cadets and I will never forget the friends I made and the times we had together.

Eric "Chief" Janvier
2803 RCACC

23 Jan 2006