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Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre

Camp Commanding Officers 1973 to date

Maj Robert (Bob) Lemaire, CD (1973)  Biography
LCol Phillip "Danny" Kay, OMM, CD, Croix de Guerre (Fr) (1974-75)   Biography
Maj Robert (Bob) Lemaire, CD (1976)  Biography
Maj R.S. McConnell CD (1977)  Biography
LCol A.G. Caesar, CD (1978-85)
LCol George A. McGrath, CD (1986-88)
LCol R.A. Matwick, CD (1989-90)   Biography
Maj S.J. Vaness, CD (1991-92)
Maj David Rodriguez, CD (1993-94)   Biography
Maj Lance E. Koschzech, CD (1995-98)   Biography
LCdr D.E.Reeves, CD (1999-2000)   Biography
Maj K.M. Fells, CD (2001)  Biography
Major T Paterson, CD (2002-04)  Biography
Maj Sam Meckbach, CD (2005-06) Biography
Maj Chris Barron, CD (2007-09) Biography
 Maj Alex J. Ross, CD (2010) Biography
 Maj P. Batstone, CD (2011-12) Biography
 LCol Bruce Kiecker (2013-15) Biography
 LCol Govind Reddy, CD (2016-) Biography