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Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre

Camp Cadet RSMs 1991 to date

C/CWO Poul Osted (1991) (photo)
C/CWO H. Stables (1992) (photo)
unknown (1993) (photo)
C/CWO D. Hickey (1994) (photo)
C/CWO J. Lapointe (1995-96) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder (2)\CCWO Lapointe 2005 06.png
C/CWO  E. Berla (1997) (photo)
C/CWO H. Baril  (1998) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\Baril.png
C/CWO Kielly (1999) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder\CWO Keilly.png
C/CWO Malo (2000) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder\CWO Malo.png
C/CWO Proulx (2001) (photo)
C/CWO M. Turko (2002) 
C/CWO M. Mitchell (2003) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder\Dsc05724.jpg
C/CWO E. Wiggins (2004)
C/CWO J. Mah  (2005) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder\CWO Mah.png
C/CWO Spence  (2006) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\C CWO Spence 2006.png
C/CWO R. Pinto (2007) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\CCWO  2007.png
C/CWO Donovan (2008) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder\MWO Donnavan.png
C/CWO D. Allain (2009) (photo)
C/CWO N. Brown (2010) E:\Cdt RSM and RSMs\MWO Brown.PNG
DSM C/MWO Wiseman (2011) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder\MWO Wiseman 2011.png
DSM C/MWO A. Richardson (2012) (photo)
DSM C/CWO T Hope and  C/CWO J. Lapointe (2013) _DSC0571 

DSM C/CWO Shanks (2014)
DSM C/CWO D.  Wall (2015) C:\Users\972burton\Pictures\DSM Wall 2015.png
DSM C/WO M. Ahsan (2016) C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder (2)\C CWO 2016.png

DSM CWO N. Proznick (2017)

C:\Users\972burton\Desktop\New folder (2)\DSM CWO L Proznik.png