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Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre

Camp RSMs 1973 to date

unknown (1973-77)  
MWO Schultz (1978) (photo)
unknown (1979-81)  
MWO Butch Ortel, CD (1982)  (photo)
unknown (1983-93)  
WO C.G. Bachmanek, CD (1994)  
WO R.J. Murrin (1995) Biography
WO C.G. Bachmanek, CD (1996)
unknown (1997-98) (photo)
WO F.A. Powder (1999) Biography  (photo)
CWO Walsh, CD,  (2001) Biography  (photo)
WO W. Jure (2002) Biography
CWO Walsh, CD,  (2003-05) Biography
CWO G. Doucette, CD (2006-07) Biography (photo)
CPO1 D. Viel, CD (2008) Biography (photo)
CWO R. Schofield, CD (2009) Biography (photo)
unknown (2010-14) Biography  
MWO Christiane Martin, CD (2015)  Biography
MWO Thompson, MMM CD (2016-) Biography