Whitehorse Photo Gallery 1973

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The camp was originally to commence in 1974, but with the commander (a BGen, later CDS, General Ramsey Withers) having received an advance posting to Ottawa, he wanted the camp in place before his departure, so in Jan of 1973 a decision was made to start the camp that summer. To say the least it was all out 18 hour days to get the training written in order to know what equipment had to be ordered/purchased etc. In fact I was probably one of the first 'work at home' officers as I stayed home for three weeks to write from scratch the new CLI and CL courses along with the Adm & Log necessary to support. The trg had to be changed significantly with a new, almost Outward Bound theme to keep the interest of the northern youth. It was to be mostly northern cadets with some from the south to mix.


Drum & Bugle Band from Vernon Army Cadet Camp in Whitehorse for parade (Army Cadet League)