Whitehorse Cadet Training Centre

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Whitehorse Cadet Training Centre


The only permanent cadet camp "North of 60," Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre (WCSTC) offers challenging outdoor programs for young Canadians aged 12-18 years.

WCSTC was established in 1973 at Yukon Hall in downtown Whitehorse. Indoor training was conducted at a number of Whitehorse schools, while field training took place in the Carcross and Skagway areas.In 1983, the Department of National Defence (DND) leased the unused Wolf Creek Juvenile Corrections Centre from the Yukon Territorial Government. The current cadet camp, situated 20 kilometres south of Whitehorse and surrounded by 460 acres of woodland, was officially opened on July 12, 1984. The camp is now in the wilderness, with easy access to mountain, hiking, river and lake training sites. In the early years, bears and moose were common visitors to the camp, including the parade square! WCC was renamed Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre in the mid 1990s.

In 1990, the Canadian Forces Northern Area (CFNA) Whitehorse Detachment was co-located with the cadet camp and the facilities were renamed "Boyle Barracks" in honor of Colonel Joseph Boyle, a First World War hero from the Yukon. Summer Training More than 250 cadets attend summer training courses at WCSTC in July and August. Approximately 60% of these cadets are from northern communities. The others are from Canada's southern provinces, including 12 cadets from the United Kingdom who are part of an exchange program.

Instruction and support of cadets is provided by approximately 70 personnel, made up of officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC), a sub-component of the Canadian Forces Reserve, by Reserve and Regular Force members, and by civilians with an expertise in a particular field. Staff cadets, aged 16-18, assist with training and instruction.

Both staff cadets and officers are provided with training prior to the beginning of camp. This training familiarizes them with camp procedures and provides a refresher course on instruction and leadership skills. WCSTC was the first camp in Canada to include a Cross Cultural Awareness Course.
Summer Training Courses

Cadets at all levels participate in leadership training that involves mountaineering, wilderness survival, orienteering, and watercraft skills. The following cadet courses, which run from two to six weeks, are offered:

* Army and Air Cadet Basic Course - A two-week introduction to camp life and the army/air cadet summer training program. These cadets are usually between the ages of 12-14 years and it is often their first time away from their home community. For some of the cadets from northern communities, it is their first experience living amongst trees and within a concentrated population.
* Army Cadet Leader Course - Cadets aged 13-15 years train to become junior leaders in their home corps.
* Army Cadet Leader Instructor (Adventure) Course - Cadets aged 14-16 years train to become senior leaders capable of instructing in a field environment. One half of the course consists of exercises in the field.
* Air Cadet Introduction to Leadership/Survival Course - Cadets aged 13-16 years learn basic wilderness survival skills, as well as instructional and leadership techniques. Training exercises are performed both above and below the tree line.

renamed Whitehorse Cadet Training Centre Sept 2014