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Camp Howard

Camp Howard is named for MGen Bill Howard a former Colonel Commandant and ardent supporter of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. Through his generous donation and support, the camp was purchased, upgraded to suit the needs of Cadet Corps in the Calgary area. The camp was officially opened 12 Sept 1992. Located approx 120 km North West of Calgary on the edge of the Rocky Mountains.


MGen Howard and his namesake camp, 12 Sept 1992 (Elizabeth Wood)


Opening day of the camp  (Elizabeth Wood)


(F. Arseneault)


This bush camp is used extensively year round by cadet corps primarily from the Calgary region. Diesel generator equipped with a propane furnace and stove, it is remarkably comfortable. It is located 95 km NW from the Calgary City limits off of highway #40 on Waiperous Creek. The army Cadet League of Canada (Alberta Branch) financially supports the camp and has invested in improving it over the years. 



Entrance to the camp off the rough trail (F. Arseneault)


The day lodge (F. Arseneault)


The compound with day lodge to the right, sleeping quarters in the middle and kitchen to the left (F. Arseneault)


Sleeping quarters, the camp accommodates approx 40. Propane furnace heated (F.Arseneault)


The day lodge, wood stove heated (F. Arseneault)


The kitchen, 4-burner, twin oven and grill propane stove (F. Arseneault)


The diesel generator shack (F. Arseneault)


The kitchen and the knoll. (F. Arseneault)