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Year-round LHQ Army Cadet Training Centres & Camps, 

updated 15 Aug 2016


British Columbia

Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver 1977-90s


Alford Lake - West of Caroline
Camp Cadicasu - Bragg Creek 1970s & 80s
Camp Howard - Waiperous area NW of Cochrane
Camp Mac - West of Edmonton  1980s & 90s
Camp Worthington - West of Red Deer
Sarcee Trg Area (CFB Calgary) 1970s, 80s and 90s









New Brunswick


Nova Scotia

Camp Rankin, a 4H camp in St. Peters, NS
Wentworth Youth Hostel

Prince Edward Island


Newfoundland & Labrador









LHQ field training often takes place at various camps in close proximity to the corps scattered across the country. In time we hope to showcase as many of the smaller "bush camps". Some of these camp are/were owned by other organizations, some are owned by provincial chapters of the Army Cadet League.

Unlike the DND operated ACTSCs which have as many as 2000 cadets during the summer, these LHQ camps are usually in the 40-60 cadets range, though some can accommodate as many as 200-250. Many are bush camps while others afford comfort on par with ACSTCs. Each holds good memories for the cadets on weekend FTXs.