Accoutrements & Uniforms

On the following pages are many, but not all of the uniform pieces worn by cadets over the years. This a work in progress. If you would like to contribute please contact/email me with the details.


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Official & unofficial patches, badges and pins



Believed to be a 1940s era silk-screened jacket patch,
4" x 5" stitched KC jacket patch . ca.1949

This very large 10"x9" jacket patch includes a Loyal Edmonton Regiment shoulder flash and early pattern RCAC Maple Leaf.



Jacket patch



Issued to cadets on the Arctic Indoc course in the mid to late 1970s



Jacket patch, small



3001 Cadet Corps Jacket patch



3004 Cadet Corps Jacket patch, small



Issued to all cadets during the 1967 centennial celebrations, worn on the uniform, English



Issued to cadets during the 1967 centennial celebrations, worn on the uniform. A special precision drill team was created for the celebrations.  Cadets from across Canada were included on the team.



Camp Saskadet Sticker



2644 Cadet Corps Jacket patch, leatherette 



2952 Cadet Corps Jacket patch



3016 Cadet Corps Jacket patch



1913 Cadet Corps 50th anniversary Jacket patch



2425 Cadet Corps Jacket patch



Jacket patch



2470 Cadet Corps Jacket patch, leatherette 



2623 Cadet Corps Jacket patch



44 Cadet Corps, an early example Jacket patch



Jacket patch for 2509 Signals "Army Cadets Ski Club" formed in the late 1970s by unit officer Lt Ed Kuzik, an avid skier himself. The corps would organize a monthly ski day at area ski hills inviting other cadets from local corps. Many a cadet skied or learned to ski at Norquay, Fortress, Sunshine and Pigeon Mountain.



An official patch worn by cadets on their very short term issue bright white parkas during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, AB.



a 1960s produced jacket patch sold at Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp. See also in Ipperwash site (Maj Ken Washbrook collection) 

An absolutely remarkable jacket patch for 2290 BCRs in Vancouver, some 11" wide. See also in CC2290 in Database (Jim Russell)



jacket patch for 2410 Rocky Mountain Rangers RC(Army)CC Sicamous, BC ca.2003


Ontario Skill-At-Arms Area Competition held in North bay, Northern Ontario area (Tom Garnett)


Annual Games, tri-service


25th Anniversary Army Cadet League of Canada patch, worn by army cadets in 1996 on right breast pocket (Ian McGregor)
9 Cadet Corps Honour Cadet patch

needs more research

(Neil Martin coll.)

mid 1990s badge (Ian McGregor)
early 1990s patch to CC 2817 (Capt J.A. Howe)
Rifle Coach patch issued to cadets attending course in CFB Calgary 1967. (Glenn Allen)
Defi Rawdon 1989, a nine corps patch.
125th Anniversary pin 2004