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LCol C. Vince Lilley, MC, OMM, CD



LCol C. Vince Lilley MC OMM MiD CD

LILLEY, Charles Vincent, Lieutenant (Acting Captain) - Mention in Despatches - Infantry (CANLOAN officer No.86, attached British Army, 5th Battalion, The Queen's Royal Regiment) - awarded as per Canada Gazette and CARO/5565, both dated 14 April 1945 .


LILLEY, Charles Vincent, Captain (Acting Major) - Military Cross - Infantry (CANLOAN officer No.86, attached British Army, 5th Battalion, The Queen's Royal Regiment) - awarded as per Canada Gazette and CARO/5565, both dated 14 April 1945 . Recommended for immediate award. Document with Headquarters, 131 Lorried Infantry Brigade, 1 February 1945 ; with Headquarters, 7 Armoured Division, 2-6 February 1945; with Headquarters, 12 Corps, 6-8 February 1945; with Army Headquarters, 9-14 February 1945. Served from 1931 to 1934 in the Loyal Edmonton Regiment (Non-Permanent Active Militia). He next served with the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in Winnipeg . Worked on a cattle boat to England and enlisted in the Loyal Regiment ( North Lancashire ) in the British Army and went to Shanghai . He was promoted from Lance-Corporal to Regimental Sergeant-Major. After coming down with malaria, he returned to England where he was offered the Regimental Sergeant-Major position in his former Canadian unit, the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. He was commissioned and was one of the first CANLOAN volunteers. He was initially attached in Normandy to the 1/6 South Staffordshire Regiment as Second in Command and then a Company Commander. He then went to the 1/6th Battalion The Queen's Royal Regiment and then the 5th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment where he was awarded the Military Cross. See Code Word CANLOAN by Wilfred I. Smith, page 192 for a description of this action. Post-war he stayed in the Canadian Army and served with the Royal Canadian Regiment in Korea . Awarded Officer, Order of Military Merit (OMM) as per Canada Gazette dated 21 June 1975 (Lieutenant-Colonel C.V. LILLEY, OMM, MC, CD, one of only four OMM, MC combinations in the Canadian Forces).  

At Bakenhoven on 13 January 1945, the company [of the 5th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment] commanded by Major Lilley captured the village in a dawn attack and consolidated his positions without however being able to put down wire or mines.  

The enemy was in strong positions on the canal bank only two hundred and fifty yards away, and any movement in daylight was quite impossible.  

At last light the same day the enemy put in a ferocious counter-attack, preceded by heavy artillery and mortar fire, and succeeded in overrunning most of the forward positions.  

Major Lilley immediately collected all the available men, fifteen in all - and dashed forward at the head of his small force. The enemy were all dressed in white and very difficult to see, as by then it was completely dark, but in spite of this and the complete confusion in the whole area, this officer recaptured his lost positions which were still holding out. The extraordinary courage and dash of this officer in the face of almost overwhelming odds was entirely responsible for restoring the situation, and an example of outstanding bravery to all his men.

LILLEY, Charles Vincent, Captain (Acting Major), MC - Mention in Despatches - Infantry (CANLOAN, Queen's Royal Regiment [ West Surrey ]) - awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 29 September 1945 and CARO/6097 of that date.