LCol Reg J. Tweten CD


Major Reginald J. Tweten was born in Regina in January 1950. He received his elementary and secondary education in Regina. His university education was received at the University of Saskatchewan (Teacher Training).

He entered the Cadet Movement (2370 RCACC) as a Cadet in the fall of 1962 and graduated in 1969 as the corps only Master Cadet. He served with the Canadian Army Reserves, Royal Canadian Artillery 10 MED. 18 Bty from 1965 - 1969. He enrolled in the Cadet Services of Canada in 1969 and is still involved, presently holding the rank of Major.

In 1972 he began a lengthy career at Vernon Army Cadet Camp (VACC) advancing from Platoon Commander, Junior Leader Course to Company Commander of the senior Cadet Leader Instructor Course (CLI). He enjoyed his years and has great memories of VACC.

In 1975 he served as Aide-de-Camp for Brigadier General Husch CD for Saskatchewans' first Provincial Army Cadet Tattoo.

In 1976 he commanded the first Cadet Leader Instructor Course offered to female cadets at Vernon Army Cadet Camp. From 1977 to 1980 he commanded the first bilingual company, CLI, at VACC, consisting of mixed male, female cadets.

He was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) in November of 1977 and 1st bar in December of 1987, and his second bar in November of 1997.
From 1981 to 1985 he served as Camp Training Officer, Camp Administration Officer and Commanding Officer of Camp Saskadet in Kelvington, Saskatchewan.

In 1985 he was designated as Commanding Officer of 2370 RCACC (Sask). He was also selected as Conducting Officer for the Canadian Cadet United Kingdom Cultural Exchange Program held in London, England.
In 1987 and 1988 he was appointed Camp Training Officer for the Prairie Region Army Cadet Rifle Course in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
From 1989 to 1993 he served in various capacities at the National Army Cadet Camp in Banff Alberta, as Camp Training Officer and Camp Administration Officer.

In August of 1993 he was appointed Commanding Officer of the National Army Cadet Camp, Banff, and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. He was first Saskatchewan officer to achieve this prestigious position. In 1997 he attended the Connaught National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre in Ottawa as Company Commander for the Marksmanship Course. In 1999 Major Tweten was appointed Commandant for the RCAC National Shooting Team which competed in Bisley, England. He was the first Saskatchewan CIC officer appointed as Commandant of the National Rifle Team. During the summer of 2001 & 2002, Major Tweten was the Senior Escort Officer for the Inbound German Youth as they toured Eastern Canada. In 2003/04, Major Tweten was appointed to pilot the Army Cadet Exchange and German Youth Program into a cross-cultural training and tour of Central Canada.

Major Tweten resides in Regina and is employed by the Regina Board of Education as a middle years teacher. He is very involved with technology in education instruction for the Regina Board of Education. He enjoys computer graphic design, building web pages and application of computer digital technology. He enjoys numerous outdoor activities, meeting people, travelling and coaching school basketball and volleyball teams.