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The senior members and appointments  

Chief of the General Staff


Lieutenant-General Sir Percy Henry Noel Lake, KCB, KCMG (1904-08) Biography  (photo)
General Sir William Dillon Otter, KCB, CVO, VD, 1 April (1908-10) Biography  
Major-General Sir Colin John Mackenzie, KCB (1910-13) Biography  (photo)
Lieutenant-General Sir Willoughby Garnons Gwatkin, KCMG, CB (1913-23) Biography  (photo)
Major-General Sir James Howden MacBrien, KCB, CMG, DSO, CStJ, (1 January 1923-27) Biography  
Major-General Herbert Cyril Thacker, CB, CMG, DSO (1927-29) Biography  (photo)
General The Hon. Andrew George Latta McNaughton, CH, CB, CMG, DSO, CD, PC (1929-35) Biography  
Lieutenant-General Ernest Charles Ashton, CB, CMG, VD (1935-38) Biography  (photo)
Major-General Thomas Victor Anderson, DSO, CD (21 November 1938-6 July 1940) Biography  (photo)
General Henry Duncan Graham Crerar, CH, CB, DSO, KStJ, CD, PC (6 July 1940-24 December 1941) Biography  
Lieutenant-General Kenneth Stuart, CB, DSO, MC (24 December 1941-27 December 1943) Biography
Lieutenant-General John Carl Murchie, CB, CBE ,CD (27 December 1943-3 May 1944) Biography
 (3 May 1944-21 August 1945) Biography (photo)
General Charles Foulkes, CB, CBE, DSO (21 August 1945-February 1951) Biography  
General Guy Granville Simonds, CC, CB, CBE, DSO, CD (February 1951-55) Biography  
Lieutenant-General Howard Douglas Graham, OC, CVO, CBE, DSO, ED, CD (1955-58) Biography  (photo)
Lieutenant-General Samuel Findlay Clark, CBE , CD (1958-61) Biography  (photo)
Lieutenant-General Frank James Fleury, CBE , ED , CD (1961-64) Biography  (photo)