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The senior members and appointments  



Director Cadets


Director of Physical Training and Cadet Services
LCol R.J. Gwynne (1913-14) Biography  
Maj A.D. Irwin (1916-17) Biography  
nil 1919  
LCol S.H. Hill, VD (1920-33) Biography  
Director of Militia and Cadets  
Col C.G.M. Grier, ED (1942-) Biography   
Col J.F. Bingham, CBE, CD, MiD (1947-48) Biography
unknown (1948-54)
Col D.B. Buell, DSO, CD (1954-58) Biography  
Col J.M. Delamere, MBE, ED, CD (1958) Biography  (photo)
LCol J.M. Brownlee, CD (1965-67) Biography  (photo)
Wing Commander A. Pickering, CD (1967-69) Biography  (photo)
LCol (A) R.A. White ? (1969-72) Biography  (photo)
Director of Cadets
Col A.F. Banville, CD (1968) Biography (photo)
unknown (1969-89)  
Col E.D. Fairburn, CD (1990-91) Biography (photo)
unknown (1993)  
LCol D.J. MacLean, CD (1995) Biography (photo)
Col Rick Hardy, CD (1997-2000) Biography (photo)
Col Jon Ambler, CD (2000-03) Biography
Col R.J.A. Perron, CD (2003-07) Biography
Col C.M. Fletcher, CD (2007- 13 July 2012) Biography
Col G.M. Pratt, OMM, CD (13 July 2012 - 2015) Biography

National Cadet & Junior Canadian Ranger Support Group

Brigadier-General K.L. Woiden, OMM, CD (6 October 2015 - ) Biography