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Lost Trails

Ever wonder where that friend is? The one you joined cadets with back in 1990 or 1980 or even 1950, or went to camp with? Well here's a place to start.

email your request and we'll post it here ASAP.


Hi my name is John Seaward I was in Charlie 9 platoon section 2 and I am and have been for a better part of 30 yrs trying to locate or contact " Scott findly " I am hoping I spelled his last name correctly he was my bunk mate and best friend there and if it wasn't for his friendship I would have never made it through camp and he did me a lot of favours which also saved my bacon lol so if it's possible to either contact Scott or any other members from Charlie 9 plt. and that is also the nco's so any help would be greatly appreciated and I can be contacted at and I am currently living in the city of Windsor and if "Sgt Doran" golf company 5 plt aka "Dorans dragoons" is out there and reads this message please contact me as many of your boys would love to hear from you also thank you in advance and for your help 

7 Feb 2019

Hello everyone!!
This is such a great idea!
I am feeling old..and I want to connect with some old friend's and teamate's from my youth.
In 1976..I was enrolled in 328 Medical Cadet Corp's in Saskatoon..
Summer '77 I attended VACC..Cadet Instructor.(Delta)
1978..Winnipeg Rifle Course..(and Ottawa)
1979..Winnipeg Rifle Course..(and Ottawa)
Spring 80..Victoria(Final Team Selection)
1980..Bisley UK.
1981..NCO Winnipeg
1982..Civ Instructor.
1983..Civ Instructor.
Some many year's ago..
So many memories!

Stan Moore

11 Aug 2016

Hello Bill Lackie here, looking for any of the guys who were members of the 8th Signals Regiment – Royal Canadian Army Cadets At New Toronto Secondary School, Kipling Ave.,During The Years 1954, And 1955. Looking Forward To Hearing From Someone

4 Aug 2016

I was (the Yank) at your Venture Training Aurora Provincial Cadet Camp in Aug of 1976.  I was one of the token Naval (US) Sea Cadets who somehow found himself in the Canadian Army Cadets.

I doubt anyone would remember my real name because I was tagged as "Hogan" because I joked that I was planning an escape (by tunnel)  I just want to say that I was very proud to have been allowed to participate with you guys and would love to get in touch with anyone from then.  Hopefully who will forget that I knew nothing about drill (At least the Canadian Military way) so someone (one of your NCOs) made me a corporal and put me in charge of drilling a group.

1) Its been decades and I still owe Glenn Bazderick (Spelling?) one Howard the Duck Comic book.   Glenn I lost your address somewhere and I don't even remember why I owe you a comic book but if you contact me?

2) I would like to send "LeBeau" some CD's of anything but "Now your messing with a SOB" by Nazerath *Which was the only song he had recorded over and over and over on a tape.

3) Say hi to "Kinch" whose real name I ought to remember but...  The whole Hogan's Heros nicknames thing is all my rusty brain cells can remember.

3) Donita Pike (SEE!  I didn't forget you - or repelling you down that cliff.   Ouch ouch ouch!)

And if someone knows how to find one of your Naval Sea Cadets from that era (Thunder bay ON) I would love to find contact info for Kathy Merkley (not Herkley - wow was she mad when I got that wrong...)  I believe her brother Kevin was an Air Cadet.  She had a younger brother Ron.

Jay Craswell  (facebook) or
A 50-year reunion of the 1965 Trinidad & Tobago Cadet Exchange is in the early planning stages by three of the former cadets who were on that exchange.

We have tracked down a few others, but we have hit the inevitable brick wall.

If you were on that exchange or if you know someone who was on that exchange, please send an e-mail to

Some may recognize me as OC Alpha VACC 1982 or as an instructor/chief instructor at both RCIS(Prairie) and RCIS (Pacific) in the ’80’s.  Feel free to write.

Many thanks,

Stuart Syme
Looking for Anne Cross, who was in Borden in 1989. Anyone able to help are thanked in advance.
Dave Boucher

Bisley Cadet Team 1988

Remember the days!! What a great time. Anyone out there still remember? I was first cadet from the PWOR in Kingston to make it.

scott stedman

22 May 2014

Artic Indoc 83

Dear Ken,

I was with you in artic,

I am Harold Pilote

for your info

61. Denis Pilite
Correct name is Denis Pilote
I was with Denis in Germany army cadet in 84,

Looking for recontacting and get all pictures regroup somewhere on internet,


21 Jan 2014

Looking for anyone who attended VACC in Foxtrot '78, Bravo '79,  and Bravo company 1 platoon, Banff in 1980.

Andrew (Andy)  O'Neill

19 Jan 2014

My name is Gord Lalonde . My brother Norm Lalonde and I were in 2873 KW Cops Army Cadet Corp in Kitchener Ontario.

 I was in Ipperwash in 77 or 78, (Charlie), 78-79 (Hotel) ).

 Looking for friends and comrades from that era and anyone who may have been in the "2873 KW COPS" Army Cadet Corp in Kitchener Ontario.

 I'd sure like to hear what everyone's up to.

 Thanks. Gord Lalonde

Looking for anyone who did 

Whitehorse CLI 1988
Arctic Indoc 1989
Basic Para 1990

Don Cooper

President & General Manager

Innovator Industrial Services

Your Partner In Building A Leak Free Workplace

Offices in Edmonton, Fort McMurray & St. John’s

Head Office: (780) 436-4666

Mobile: (780) 446-2368

I was an Army Cadet and attended the Cadet Leader Bandsman Course in the summer of 1975. I would like to connect with others who attended that Bandsman Course see where they are today. It was a great time and I would like see what my fellow Cadets are doing today.

I would also like to add my name to the roll of attendees of the camp Cadet Anthony Guy Arcaro, 2672 Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Cadet Corps, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your assistance.


Anthony G. Arcaro

26 Dec 2012

Hello, just trying to find some old friends from cadets. I was in the KW COPS around 1973 and 1974. We met at the Victoria Street Armouries in Kitchener Ontario on Monday nights I believe. Some names come to mind, like Dave, Jamie, and LuAnn Lederman; Nick Sutton; and Dave Perkins to name a few. It would be great to get in touch. Many good memories of long ago.
- Rick Martin

6 Nov 2012

I was with the 2360 Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa and attended senior pipe band in 78 and 79. 4 weeks into 79 camp I traveled to Scarborough England to play with the Queens Own Highlanders.  I then attended the cadet summer training school in Ipperwash as Pipe Major with the, then combined cadet Pipe Band, in 1980. I would like to say HI to anyone during those years.
Brent Giles

23 Sept 2012

Hi. I am looking for an old friend of my husband. His name is Scott Shaw. He was living in Shilo/Manitoba between 1985? - 1987. After that he got postet to CFB Baden-Söllingen, Germany. If anybody knows him please contact me.

Martina Hawkins

13 July 2012

Hi.  Came across this site and wondered if there were any cadets out there who attended the "2873 KW COPS" Army Cadet Corp out of Kitchener Ontario.  My brother and I attended in the early 70's under the fine leadership of the late Joe Lederman.  Excellent experience for a young man.  Persons who were also members during that era are invited to connect.  Other members were James and David Lederman, Davidson, Learning, Perkins, Gatehouse with leadership of Lederman, Yanke, Perkins, Gross and more.

Certainly a curiosity,

Peter Stott

26 June 2012

Looking for information or people who were in RCA School of Artillery Shilo, Manitoba 1957 . David (age 76 now)  said the school was shut down and they moved or went to Saskatchewan. David Lantz was 21 at this time.
I have a photo listing RCA Depot Squad 8 but am not sure if it was taken in Shilo or not
David also stated he remembers horses and guns, so was there a Calvary associated with artillery or gunnery?  He did recall his Canadian service number which begins with SK. Anyone know where I can email or write to get assistance on this tracing of his military career?
History then gets a bit vague, but he said served in US Navy on the Forrestal and other ships. Did service people from Canada go to US to serve along with USA? 
He is getting his papers in order at this time of his life.
Anyone who can give me some leads, it would be greatly appreciated! 

26 June 2012

 I went to Pettawawa for three weeks camp and then to Jamaica for three weeks. I met a guy from Mattawa/ Thunder Bay. IWe hung around in those weeks but I’ve never heard from him since. Forget the name but mine is Allan MacDonald from Stellarton Nova Scotia and all of us that travelled together that year were master cadets.

 Thanks for any help you can give me.


          Allan MacDonald

Box 1339



29 Feb 2012

Bonjour/Good Day

Looking for anyone with the West Germany exchange in 1981 or the 2637 CC in the 1970's

Thank you

Serge Martin
Caporal-chef | Master Corporal
Enquêteur & Instructeur| Investigator & Instructor
Sécurité routière | Road Safety
Conservation des ressources 5 GSS | Conservation of Resources 5 ASG
Défense National | National Defence
Montréal, Canada H1N 3R2

29 Feb 2012

Hi I am from WW2 CTTC army unit. I would like to contact anyone who was stationed in Saskatoon Sask in late 1944 or in Woodstock in the summer of 1945 . I know the years have taken their toll but I hope there are a few of us still around. Verne Fallows

28 Feb 2012

Hi my name is Ken Babcock.
I was on Artic Indoc 83 and there have a face book page set up of all of Artic Indoctrination 1983. There was 80 of us on course and here is a list of most of us. It would be great if anyone knows were any of them are and could pass on about the face book sight. We are coming up on 30 years soon and it would be great to hear what and how everyone is doing.

roll call
1. Bev Bell
2. Margoret Boynton (spelling my be wrong hard to read)
3. John Okopien
4. Richard Bakker
5. Raberto Thomassin
6. Henry Mitchell
7. John Williams
8. Lisile Dargneault
9. Melinda Kempkens
10. Jocelyne Murphy
11. Ronald Valliere
12. C. Michaud (staff I think)
13. Pierre Patry
14. Reg Marshall
15. Glenda Peard
16. Chris Carter
17. Debbie Golueke
18. Cathey Armstrong
19. Pat Slogen (possible spelling error)
20. Carol Lida Lavoie
21. Sgt Covington
22. Paul Cyr
23. Danny Doumont
24. Gisile Laroche
25. LT Sylire
26.Capt Brigitte Boisvert
27. Alain Thilault (possible spelling error)
28. Serge Morin
29. Dean Adams
30. Yres Gauthier (possible spelling error)
31. Mike MCCutcheon
32. Diane Gagnon
33. Eric Messier
34. Michiele Cote
35. Sophie McChristian
36. Dean Dean S. Benoit
37. Donna McTagire (possible spelling error)
38. Alf Caselman
39. WO Page
40. WO Sirois (Possible spelling error)
41.John Deber (possible spelling error)
42. Douglas McBean
43. John Cooper
44. Jim Thompson
45. R. Evrard Possible spelling Error)
46. LT G Page
47. John Edmonstone
48. Brady Bell
49. Sylvain Laverdiere
50. Terry Handrahan
51. Rob McGragor
52. Guy Dallaire
53. Steve Chambers
54. Donald Laguerx (possible spelling error)
55. Ciline Portant
56. Rob David
57. Rob Silva
58. Shane Strong
59. Leonard Van Wieringen
60. Suzie Etesonne
61. Denis Pilite
62. Fransois Rivet (Possible spelling error)
63. Gilbert Kelly
64. ? Wall
65. Phillys Wells
66. Hollis Dimion
67. Alain Bilocq

I am sorry for any spelling errors in names but it is hard to read some of the names and I still have a few names that I can't make out at all. And yes I'm a bit of a pack rat and still have a few things left from camp lol

my email is

5 Feb 2012

I am an Air Cadet who attended CFB Borden Photography course in 1979(?) looking for friend Maury Lehman formerly of London, Ontario.  Also looking for roommate Carol Trickett of St. John's, Newfoundland.  Please contact Chris Frank at

5 Feb 2012

Hi there,
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Manuel Belmonte please contact me.  He was a cadet in the early 1970's in Toronto, Ontario.  Sorry, I do not have any more information.
I am wondering if he would like his cap badge returned to him.  Appreciate any reply. :)

1 Oct 2011

Looking for former members of 2836 RCACC. At one time 25 Fld Sqn RCE, 8th Fld Engineer Regt. 745 Comm. Sqn, and now 1 Combat Engineer Regt.

Looking at having an Alumni Reunion the week end of our ACR in June 2012.

Please contact me.

Dean B. Walker
Commanding Officer
2836 1 CER RC (Army) CC

22 Sept 2011
I’m looking for anyone who attended twinkie with me at Ipperwash in 93. Also, anyone who remembers me from Bordon during 94-96. My name was Amanda Clark at the time. I was with Queen’s York Rangers #2799.  my email address is

5 Sept 2011

Anyone who remembers serving with A&B Coy during 81-82 in Vernon with Cadets, Darlene Mason, Bernadette Lohnes, Sylvia Rachette, as well as me Bill "Froggie" Sampson . Or 78-80 in Argonaunt

William Sampson
1st Field Regt. RCA(M)(Ret)

I wonder if there are any ex-cadets from C Company RCAC during the summer of 1969. I remember in my section we had a Cpl Bedard as our instructor. He loved drill, kept us on the parade square some evenings esp if he had been in the Jnr Ranks Mess.Any ex cadets from C Coy drop me a line sometimes.

Dave Prestwich

6 Mar 2011

Hi there, 

I was on C-coy in Camp Argonaut NB I believe in 1994 or 1995. I'm looking for any picture of when the Queen came to Halifax and I was one of the one chosen to honor her. 

My listed name was C.Gaudet. This is a long shot but I thought I would try to email the RCA.. My Cadet corp was 2878 Nova Scotia army cadets. Hope to here from you soon... 
Thank you 

Chuck Gaudet

5 Mar 2011

Any one remember Captain William Wilcox or Lt. David Sydney Campbell? Both were stationed at Aldershot when Wilcox
drowned in the Midas basin during a boating accident on Saturday, August 9, 1958.

Hank Smit. Chatham Ontario

5 Mar 2011

Please: Anyone or any information regarding cadets or staff who may have contracted polio during the 7 week training camp @ Ipperwash in 1952. I am completing a journal on this subject & would like to hear from any survivors or family of the survivors. Thank you in advance.
Ford Rosborough
237 Salmon Point Road
Cherry Valley, Ontario.
K0K 1P0

(613) 476-8070

E:Mail /

5 Feb 2011


I'm looking for anyone who attend the Borden Cadet Camp in 1989.  I was on
the Photo Tech course that summer and was from the Lahr, Germany (Corps de
cadet #3002 General Georges Vanier).  A funny thing I remember is that I
was the only cadet having a berret since it was mostly Air and Marine
cadets on this summer camp!  Hahaha!  Anyhow, give me some news.

Some names I remember : Desmond, Namico Saito


Marc Desbiens

20 Oct 2010

Anyone who was at Ipperwash Cadet Camp in 1952 - Contact would be most appreciated.

Call or e:mail / Ford Rosborough
237 Salmon Point Road,
Cherry Valley, Ontario.
K0K -1P0

Phone: (613) 476-8070 or


Reference : Prince Edward Reg. R.C.A.C. Picton, Ontario.

10 Oct, 2010

I had the pleasure of going to Ipperwash in 1962 and was assigned to Golf Company the Corporal in charge was a man by the name of Corporal Goble I as a young man learned more about being prepared about life from this man and I will always be grateful to him He installed in me the ability to be able to do anything if I applied myself. I have been very successful as a result. If anyone out there knows of this man I would be extremely grateful if you could get in touch with him and ask him to email me.


Best regards


Arnold McCurdy

7 July 2010

318 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps of Woodstock, NB will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary the week-end of May 20-22, 2011.  We are trying to locate as many former cadets and staff as possible.  If you know of anyone, please contact or have them contact: Diane Scott at or Robert MacFarlane at or by mail to R. MacFarlane, 1902 Rte 103, Wakefield, NB, E7M 1A9.  Phone 506-375-4626 or Fax 375-4840.

Thank you


Robert A. MacFarlane

Diane Scott

Anniversary Committee

Hello, all!  Wow, we all are on this site because we all feel that pull to get back in touch with someone that made a difference in our lives.  I attended Camp Ipperwash in 1986 for the 6 week cadet camp.  I am looking for the RSM.  I was in Echo company and still have the photo from our annual inspection with Lincoln Alexander.  If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.  My corp was 2865 Artillery out of Hamilton Ont.  Hope to hear from someone who can help me.  Thanks and take care!

Nancy Wysocki

nancywysocki@hotmail .com

I'm looking to renew contacts with the remaining members of my old platoon from 1974, any contacts would be appreciated. I have been able to connect with Eric Stenberg and Norm Letnick from the platoon.



Walter Banfield

Winsor Ont

Mark Sellers

London Ont

P.J. Nelson

Sault Ste Marie Ont

Jeff Ross

West Hill Ont

Dave Popp

Kelowna BC

Mark Roberts

McAdam N.B

Mike Staple

Maple Ridge BC

Nick Brady

Oshawa Ont

Rod Young

Kitchener Ont

NBF Aylwin-Foster

Farnham, Surrey UK

Brian Evans

Grand Falls Nfld

Dumond Gaston

Riviere du Loup Qc

Jim Pyke

North Sydney NS

Valet Christian

Cartierville Qc

LA Boak

Port Lambton Ont

Chuck Beattie

11 March 2010

1726 Cadet Corps is having their 70th anniversary ACR in Cumberland this June and we would like to invite anyone who was a part of it.  If you would like to come to the review, have any stories or photos to share then we want to hear from you!

Graham Watts

Email me at:

Feb 22/10

Comox BC

Like many I have lost touch with many old friends, I'd like to hear from former members of the 2806 (RMR) Pointe Claire Cadet Corps, particularly Murray Hackett, Buddy Howell; Valcartier Cadet Leader Course 1973 Pl 12;  BNACC Leadership and Challenge 74; BNACC Staff 75, 76. In particular, Tammy Wilfe, Laurie Potter, and Andy Dodd.
Chuck Beattie, CD
22 Feb 2010
Larry Tilander here, was in B Coy in 1972 at Ipperwash.  Wow; who do I wonder about?  Dennis May (Also known as Fang.)  They flew him down east to get his teeth fixed.  I ran into him a few years later at North Bay.  He was servicing trucks.
Doug Young.  How did I lose track of you?
Walter Banfield.
Yaeger, with the screaming leg cramps.
Barnes (Barnsey Beach Boy)
The nice gal from the mess, Chiquita.
Cpl. Mackenzie.
Another Cpl.  Think his first name was Romeo.  Very comedic and very black.
Our CSM  Nickerson?  Nicholson?  He's probably died, he was pretty old.  He lost his pay stick and I whittled him one out of a piece of cherry wood.
A Japanese Lt.  Ouchiama?  I dunno how to spell it.  He played guitar and we sand Duke of Earl.
And so many more.
So many good people there.  Only one not so good, Lt. Ford.  We kinda put him in his place; a very wet smelly place. 
Do you remember?
email me if you were there.


I am looking for my cousin
her name is Fern Hetherington I found her name on this site http://www.armycadethistory. com/vernon_nominal_roll_ Heroux_Hoon.htm
as a civilian swim coach she is the daughter of Muriel May Macdonald Nee adams
Would you have any contact details ?
Simon Adams
Auckland New Zealand

6 Feb 2010

Hi there, my name is Alan Clarke.  I was on the 1974 and 1975 Bisley Team.  I would love to get in contact with Barry Meckelberg or any of the other guys that were on either team.  Thanks.

5 Feb 2010

We are looking for information concerning our brother Ralph Byer.  He was Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery based in Shilo Manitoba and served at the Vernon Army Camp in the late 70's or early 80's.  We would like information about his time at the camp as the Legion in Golden, BC is doing an article on him for the Legion magazine.
    Thank you for your time.
Mavis Byer

2 Feb 2010

-Jeff Van Soest,

staff Cadet foxtrot company either 78-79 looking to find other staff cadets or Cadets that were either in Foxtrot or attended VACC in those years. 
CLI (78)

Also Sig Det Commander (M/CPL Staff) Banff National army cadet camp BNACC 1988

Anyone interested I am presently Supply officer 2836 (1CER) CC Edmonton
its amazing how thing come full circle 2836 Cadet Corps 1975-1979 and now 2006-Present


Jeff Van Soest

2 Feb 2010

Reg Riddle here, looking for any of the guys fromDriver Operator course Pt 1 (1950) or (course changed name) Operator R/T 1951. I was with #258 Lord Strathcona's Horse Royal Canadians C.C.



28 Jan 2010

Hi I am looking for Marco Levecchia, I was in the Cadet Corps in Verdun, Que from 1974 to 1976.
Thanks in advance for your help.


27 Jan 2010

My name is Victor Sanborn and I was a member of the Stormont Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders Cadet Corps and would like to know if you have any idea how I can get a copy of a picture of our regiment in 1980 or 1981 in front of the armoury?

26 Jan 2010

I would like to hear from any former cadets who may have been with the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Cadet Corps, formerly 2360 located in Ottawa Ontario. Anyone who might have attended Camp Imperwash Ontario and also the former Master Cadet Camp in Banff Alberta.

Patrick Gribbon, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland CANADA
e-mail address:
My name is Darrell Ziegler.

I was in Ipperwash in 77 or 78, (Charlie), 78-79 (Hotel) 79 or 80 (Call out).

Looking for friends and comrades from that era and anyone who may have been in the "2873 KW COPS" Army Cadet Corp in Kitchener Ontario.

I'd sure like to hear what everyone's up to.


Yours in comradeship,

Darrell Ziegler


 My name is Earl Bross. I attended IACC from the years 1979-1983.

1979 India Coy – Twinkie

1980 Bravo CL

1981 Hotel CLI

1982 Callout (Cpl) – Hotel

1983 Callout (Cpl) – Bravo

I am looking for people who were at IACC in those years and who might remember me. I would love to trade pictures and talk about old times at the best Cadet camp that Ontario ever had.

Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from someone. Please contact me at         

Earl Bross

16th June 2009


My name is Don Shineton and I was with 1955 (Calgary) Service Battalion

I'm Looking for any army cadets that went to CFB Penhold in 1986 for 6 week band. 

Please contact me at


12 June 2009

Hi there, my name is Clint Hart, I was a Cadet from 1982 - 1987, 82-VACC Charlie Coy, 9Pl, 83-Valcartier CLI, 84-Staff VACC E-Coy, 85-Staff VACC A-Coy, 86 Basic Para - Edmonton. I have lost touch with all the good friends from that period and feeling a bit nostalgic :P Those were some good times!! Anyone that remembers me, please feel free to get in touch (especially looking for Crystal Fysh from E-Coy 84)

I'd like to say hi to all that remember those times :)

28 May 2009


My Name is Gary Bosence and I was a cadet in Vernon in 1955 in B Company, 4 platoon and was friends with Bruce Logan and Bob Baker. You guys were from Vancouver and I was from Victoria and I would like to get in touch again. Please e-mail me at

26 March 2009
Whitehorse Cadet Camp Summer of 1980.

My name is Bernard Hébert, and I was there as a (cadet) Corporal.

Looking for anyone that has attended as staff or cadet at the Whitehorse Cadet Camp to start a dialogue. My year was 1980, but I want to hear from anyone that has experienced WCC.

Why anyone you may ask??? Well they may know someone that was there in 1980 and pass on this info.

I can be reached at

1 Oct 2008

For Ian Avery,

 I tried using your e-mail and it was received by someone else. Please contact me,


Gary Hayes

21 August 08

Hello in 1978 I was awarded the best Cadet award Plaque. It reads "IACC 78 BEST CADET J COY" many pictures were taken of me but I believe my camera was broken that summer. My name is Bonneville Minott of the Lorne Scotts Corps based in the city of Brampton, Ontario at that time...if you could locate any pictures of me receiving this award I would be eternally greatful. I believe I was the first black male to receive this award at camp Ipperwash....I remember leading the parade of cadets on our final march...many pictures were taken of me but I have none. Those were such amazing times and I would really love to reconnect with those memories.

I am now an Electrical Engineer and run my own company...I credit that all to the great training and decipline first learned from the RCAC.

So please if there are any existing pictures of my at camp Ipperwash I would be eternally greatful to you if I could have a copy. I tell my children about the experience repeatedly but of course I have no pictures.

Best Regards,

Bonneville Minott

30 July 2008

Hi.My name is Mike Fritsch. Anybody I know would remember me as Gootch. If u remember me please email me. Especially looking 4 Michelle Robbins and Capt. Hartland if he is still around

Mike Fritsch

Im trying to contact any former cadets from CGG 1979 Greenfield Park, Centennial cadet corp, through the years 1990 to 1996. Trying to organize a small reunion, please contact me. Subrina Variend, M.B. 

Thank you, 

Subrina Variend

22 July 2008

2 PPCLI, 2701 RCAC Kapyong, looking for cadets from 1977-1982 particularly Paul D., Chris K., Brad P., and Rob I., who where all part of The RCAC Bisley Team coached by Ed Dunlop. Please email Tom DeNardi at

2 June 2008

This is for Major Gary R. Hayes (retd.):

Gary, our friendship dates back 40 years and I haven't seen or heard from you for at least the past 15. I saw from your entry on the "Where are they now?" section that you've obviously visited this website before, and I hope you'll visit it again and see this. If and when you do, please write to me at and let me know how you're getting on. I really would like to hear from you.


"C" Coy, 1969 (2385 3 Area RCSigs Cadet Corps)
Comm. Centre, 1970 (744 Comm. Sqn

30 May 2008

am looking to contact former Cadets who were in the DRUM AND BUGLE, DRUM AND TRUMPET BANDS at ACTC VERNON
like to do a piece on the Army Cadet Bands.

I am looking for photos, names of Band Officers, Instructors, Drum Majors, ANYTHING you think
someone would want to know about the band. I would be very much interested in any recordings of the bands as well. 

Any assistance is appreciated.

Rick Allen CD

14 May 2008

This year Memorial Parade will take place at 10.00 Hrs on the 26 July 2008 it would be great to meet. 

Cette année la parade comomérative aura lieu à 10.00 Hrs. le 26 juillet sa serait génial de se rencontrées. 

Should have information on the possibilities that names have been omitted on the nominal roll do not hesitate to inform.

Would you be so kind as to post the information provided as it would help the organizing committee. 

Thanking you in advance.

Organizing committee.

Charles Gutta MMM, CD.

Download the original attachment
The following gentlemen to be located for the Major Cadet Reunion
July 2009
Amended April 16, 2008

John Marc Anctil, Ian Ross, Anderson Jean Audette, Gilles Blanchette, Guy Bouthillier, Randy Brooks
Réjean Brousseau, Ron Botosan, Dan Colin Caldwell , Christian Côté, Bertrand Coulombe, Ingo Victor Medvescek,
Alain Couture, Yves Daigle,  Bernard D’auteuil, Jacques Demers, Denis Déry,  David Desmarais, 
André Desjardins, Marc Duval, Sven Engles, Jean-Guy Hachey, Murray Hackett, Peter Edward Harper,
David James Huddleson, Ian Hunt William, Jeffrey Hunter, James (Jimmy) Howell, Michel Juneau, Daniel Lapierre,
Raymond Larivière, Marco Lavecchia, Francis Lavoie, Mario Lemay, Jean Létourneau, Richard Levasseur, 
Mario Loiselle, David Malcolm, Jean-François Matte,  Eric Maura, Georges Mawko, Danny Mercier,
Pierre Migneault, Daniel Milkowski, Serge Morin, Duncan Richard Morrison, Enrique Munizaga, Alain Ouellet
Serge Plante, Bernard Provencher, Daniel Roussel, Foster Harold,  Scott Bernard Seguin, Phillip Shun, 
Claude Tougas, Edward Vallée, Peter Van Kampen, David Williamsom, Keith Wright,  Lt.(CIL) Katzko, 
Lt (CIL) Yves Lacroix, Lt (CIL) Milot, Cpl. Mark Slater, Cpl Jocelyn Desmeules, Sgt Daniel Seguin, Sgt Robert Gibeault,
Cpl Serge Plante, Cpl. A. B. Snopek, Jim Reggler, Capt C. Boisvert, Cpl. Karl Medvescek, P. Weeks, 
Cpl. Glenn Souva, Cpl. Bahadur Banzal, Rolin Hughes, Alex Jackson, Michael Wade, Peter Cosh, 
Tan Anderson, Cpl. A Bruce

SPELLING, Richard Bortkievez,  Richard Stervinore,  Antonio Canzzano 

Yvan Fullum.  Gerry Fostaty, François Labelle, John Hannon, Pierre Chaussé, Paul Wheeler 

16 Apr 2008

My name is Anna Dellaire (Norquay) (SMILEY) I was in the Prince George BC 2618 Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cdt. Corp. from 1974 - 1978. I attended VACC from 1975 to 1977. I attended these camps with Claudette Lewis and Mona Aldoff. We were the ones with the Red Berets.

Anyone know where - Kevin Furman is now?, Dave Grant?, Cpl. Cudmore?, I also had met a wonderful friend, Caroline but I do not remember her last name, I know usually it is the last name that we can remember. 

I would love to hear from any of you. We had so much fun. What an experience. 

Also, anyone that is in the Prince George area - May 16, 2008 - May 18, 2008 - We are having our 50th Reunion for the 2618 Rocky Mountain Rangers. Come join in.

16 Apr 2008


21 March 2008

2912 Sudbury Irish RC(Army)CC has initiated an alumni association for former members of the unit.

Our website is
Looking for some old pals that where at Valcartier in 1969 in the French Company. We went to Vernon on an exchange. You might remember the guy who fell asleep waiting to be picked up at the Dental Truck. 

Kinsley, Gary

12 Feb 2008

Do any of you remember going on an exchange to Valcartier in 1969. If so, I was one of the Cadets from Valcartier.  If I remember, this was the first exchange between Valcartier and Vernon.
I'd like to hear from any of you.
Kinsley, Gary
Retired: The Black Watch

7 Feb 2008

I am looking to find people that attend ( I believe it was a scotish
regiment I was in) Army Cadets in Windsor Ont around 1983 too say 1987
ish. I am also intrested in the name of the camp back then you could
attented to get your green star.

Thank you for your time.
David F

5 Feb 2008

My name is Christopher Liam Martin and I am from the Uk. I was a cadet on an exchange visit to CSTC Whitehorse in 1998. I'm trying to re establish contact with some friends I made during my time on the camp. I would be very grateful for any assistance or advice you could provide me with. 

Many Thanks, 

CL Martin

5 Feb 2008
I was in 1086 E&K Scottish RCACC (1984- 1986) I went to Ipperwash summer Camp 1985 Foxtrot company (I think 1st platoon) was a long time ago.
I am looking for fellow Foxtrots from 1985 or even to say hi to my local former 1086 cadets from 1984- 1986 who might remember me
I am also looking for a former fellow cadet friend whom moved away in late 1985 early 86 by the name of Gary Laferriere.
Hope to here from some one before I forget things with old age. Lol

P.S. Will be or have already contributed photo of my corps camps plus some of my Ipperwash 1985 6 week adventure

Jim Unis
Windsor Ontario

5 Feb 2008

I was one of the first girls to attend Vernon in the summer of 1974. I went back in 75 as staff for the six week course for the girls. Anyone out there a part of that group? I was also the first girl cadet with the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders. Contact

3 Feb 2008

This is CDT Dubois looking for army cadets of the Kings Own Calgary Regiment 2512 who we went with to LHQ camp howard November 23-25 2007, Tayler, Jessie, Morgan, and Maddie just e-mail me to keep in touch.

CDT Dubois 
Service Battalion

1 Feb 2008

-Jeff Van Soest, staff Cadet foxtrot company either 78-79 looking to find other staff cadets or Cadets that were either in Foxtrot or attended VACC in those years. 

23 Dec 2007

Hi, Tom Gaynor here. I was one of the British Exchange cadets at Banff in 1990. Six of the best weeks of my life and I would love to hear from anyone who was at the camp that year, but particularly the great people from 5 “Norquay” Platoon. 

J'étais à Banff en 1990. Je voudrais entendre de tous ceux qui était là, dans le même temps, surtout si vous étiez dans 5 “Norquay” peloton. J'espère que vous êtes tous bien.

17 Dec 2007

My name is Bryan Patterson – I attended C.C.C.C. Ipperwash for two years -- 1960 ( corporal) and 1961 (seargent) in Bravo Company. In 1962 I attended C.T.T.C.Borden and was the RSM.
Am looking to connect with anyone who was at these camps when I was there, and, would like to find and share any pictures or film taken at our passing out parades or any other pictures you might have of the camps at that time. 


20 Nov 2007

I was a cadet with the 2512 Kings Own Calgary Regiment and a cadet at the following camps

JL VACC 1988
CL VACC 1989 
Banff Leadership and Challenge 1991
Basic Para course 9210 1992
VACC Staff as an CLI Officer in 1994

I would love to hear from anyone who recognizes my name J - People I am looking for are Bree Marshall and John Perry who I shared more than one summer adventure with!

Brendan Goss

9 Nov 2007

I was an Army Cadet from Cornwall Collegiate & Vocational School, Cornwall, Ont.-1951-1954. I went to Camp Ipperwash in 1951 & 1952. I also went to the Banff National Cadet Camp in 1954.
I enjoyed those days a great deal & would appreciate hearing from anyone concerning Cadets at that time. 

Frank Pengelly
I was in Alpha Co. 1971,1972 Ipperwash.  Looking for pictures and former cadets of this company.

Danny Dodd
2784 Governor General Foot Guards, Ottawa On

Please email me at
I was an officer at Vernon in 1997 and would like to update my name and e-mail address. I was OCdt Michelle Beeson. I am now Michelle Morrow and my e-mail address is I was with the Slave Lake Unit if that helps. Can my info be updated so if people are looking for me they can find me.

Michelle Morrow

3 Oct 2007

Looking for all past and present members of 2912 Sudbury Irish R.C.(Army)C.C. We will be celebrating our 35th Anniversary this year. Please contact me at Looking forward to hearing from you.

Captain Pierrette Groulx, Commanding Officer 2912 Sudbury Irish

30 Sept 2007

My name is Jerry Hoard, I have recently reviewed the videos from 1983 and loved them. I have seen old friends including one who lived in Vernon and allowed me to stay over on a weekend pass. It would be nice to connect again after all these years. Anyone else who remembers me can contact me as well. I think it would be fun to reminisce.

Jarrell Hoard

29 Sept 2007

I was a regular force medic working at the Base Hospital of VACC in 1989. I met a cadet named Tina Chicoine from Hope, BC and we became good friends. I lost touch with her in 1996 when I was living in Victoria. I would like to get in touch with her again.

Les Coulter

8 Sept 2007

Looking from 1986 V.A.C.C. lost contact with a good friend Bill Campbell was living in Calgary then moved to B.C. lost track after that J. Goatham. Email me if you know his wereabouts. 

30 Aug 2007

I was a British exchange cadet at Petawawa in 1986 and am looking for anyone who remembers us Brits from that year. Also if any of the British cadets find this web page, it would be great to re-establish contact. My
name is Paul Deach and I live in Guildford, Surrey UK. My email address is  . I never got chance to say to our Canadian hosts, thank you so much. My visit to Petawowa was the best time of my
life. You all made us feel so welcome. Get in touch. 

Kind regards

Paul Deach

24 Aug 2007

My Name Is Calvin Pratt And I'm Looking For Anyone That Was In Hotel 92 or Delta 93 have'nt heard from anyone in years now,i would really like to hear from some old friends from camp ,i had a lot of fun and really enjoyed my summers in Vernon, I hope someone reads this.

12 Aug 2007

hi this is cadet Beatty and I was in alpha 98 just looking for anyone that knew me and you would remember me as I had a crush on CSM Rrnie and can't forget Rathgaber  I am from 2370 in Regina Sask and also looking for Amanda Young from BC

 My name is Cory Vankoughnett and I am looking for any former cadets from Ipper wash that remember me. I was in B coy in 81 CL course and I was also in G coy 82 CLI course I was in a girls platoon 3 platoon and I was cadet LCol for graduation parade . Please feel free to contact me ...

Cory Vankoughnet

21 June 2007

Hi My name is Tracy Waugh I attended Vernon in 84 I was moved into a Staff position in Foxtrot Company.  I remember a few people that were there at the same time MacIssac, Stinson, Roy, Klippenstien, Rodgers,  Rob Benkowski, Liane Howarth, Anne Proctor, Lt. Chan and so on.  I really had a great time and I have fond memories.  I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who was there in 84 as staff. 

15 June 2007


 My name is Paul Murray and I was on Basic Marksman back in 2000 at Argonaut.  I was a member of the second group to come in that year for the course and was hoping to get into anyone from my platoon that year or even staff who instructed me.  I remember 2 of my instructors being Purcell and Sturge.  If anyone has any info please e-mail me at:

10 June 2007

On the odd, long shot I am looking for Amanda (Mandy) Drewe. Haven't heard or seen of you in years. Anyone know where she is let me know. She was staff in 2000, unsure of the company. She was from Salmon Arm Rocky Mountain Rangers.
Thanks Geoff Backman

25 April , 2007

Any Cadets who were in Platoon 25 Foxtrot Coy during the last 2 weeks of August 2005, please email me, cause id like to get a chance to talk to them. My name is Aidan Guerra, and my email adress is If possible please email me

Aidan Guerra

My email is:

Edmonton AB

25 April , 2007

I was in Petawawa in 85 for CLI 5 platoon. Was also at Ipperwash 87 and 88.

There were many friends from then, would love to hear from anyone. 

Am looking to get in touch with Brenda Rothwell if possible...

Lisa Casey(Doherty)

27 Mar 2007

I was at VACC inthe summer of 1982, and in Echo coy.  Any of the other girls around from that year?  I would love to here from you.  

Wendy Miller from Battleford Army Cadet Corps #2537.


26 Feb 2007

Any of the ole' gang from 2870 Ottawa Svc Bn CC from around 77-80 or thereabouts.? You know who you are , friends like Steve Wambolt, Kim Borg, Luke Fisher, Lockie (sp) Bisaillion, Tina Baily, Jacqueline Pilon, Dave Fraser, Mark Hansen and of course Bruce Dunn.! If anyone gets this ,I'd love to hear from y'all.!!

Randy Levecque


15 Nov 2006

Shaun Fletcher 2817 Hastings and Prince Edward Army Cadet Corp.
1993 Borden, Staff Cadet - SGT. Fletcher B.C.O.
1992 Banff Alberta, Leadership and Challenge
1991 Borden, Athletic Leadership
1990 Ipperwash, Rifle CLI
1989 Ipperwash, Cadet Leader
1988 Ipperwash, Twinkie.
Feel free to email me, I met a lot of great people and have lost touch with all but a few.

15 Nov 2006

Hi there i'm looking for cadets, staff and officers that were in alfa company in 1986 and bravo comany in 1987


5 Nov 2006

I’m seeking former Cadets, CIs, and Officers from 2824 RC (Army) CC Mississauga C.O.P.S.The unit will be hosting a 40th Anniversary dinner in June 2007. Anyone interested please email me at

Thank You,

28 Sept 2006

Hi there my name is Neil and I'm looking for my first love, her name is Kim Tomkins and she was from St Stephen NB.
We where together at band in Camp Argonaut in 1984 if anyone has any info about her can you email me back and if anyone if anyone from band let me know how you guys are making out thanks
Neil Macdonnell

27 Aug 2006

Rick Dennis 1882 Guelph Secondary School CC(11th Fd RCA)/Wellington Rifles
1973 - JC-Ipperwash
1974 - CL-Ipperwash
1975- Banff
!976 - Instructor- Athletic Leadership-Borden
1977- Instructor- Driver Comm Coy- Borden
Drop me a line @

26 Aug 2006
Looking for Shay Thomson who was staff in Vernon in 1988. I heard she got married in Vancouver but have lost touch.

This is Bill Wilson. Was a member of 2733 Sherwood Park Alberta. (1983-1988)

Bravo Company 1986

Charlie Company 1987 (staff)

Alpha Company 1988 (staff)

Looking to see what old friends are up to. Give me a shout at

8 Aug 2006
looking for old friends...was at ipperwash a couple of years  did my 2 weeky in j coy  ..CL  in Bravo coy...... also outward bound at camp 81 near kapuskasing. I was a member of 2442 Mattawa...and also for one year i was an air cadet  in moosonee...was a cadet instructor there. any old friends give me a shout...also..anyone with pics of those days would be greatly appreciated
Adrienna Antone,
John Purdy
Algoneida Enterprises
(519) 439-9801

11 July 2006

I am Keith Griffin and was at Ipperwash in 1962 and Borden ( rifle coach course ) in 1963. Would like to hear from others who were there in those years. I was with the Queens York Rangers .

Keith Griffin
Parksville BC

17 May 2006
my name is Lindsay Collins. i am looking for anyone from Basic 2003 VACSTC. I need to find you!!!! any one know about Cassie Williamson. Arron . Moe don't know last name. any one from TENT ONE OR TWO......please contact me @ and let me know who you are. 

ps. if you have pics please send them to me and that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 May 2006

I am a past Commanding Officer of # 1670 Cadet Corps at WC Kennedy Collegiate in Windsor. In those days the cadet CO's were Cadet Lieutenant Colonels and the Corps were much larger. In 1962 for our Annual Inspection I remember that we had 552 cadets on parade. At the same time that I was commanding the Cadet corps I was a 2 nd Lieutenant in the Windsor Regiment.

I was at Ipperwash from 1962 through 1972 in ranks ranging from 2Lt to Major. These were summer "callout positions" from The Windsor Regiment.I served on camp staff as a platoon officer, assistant camp adjutant, assistant camp admin officer, OC Driver Education, OC Driver/ Comms Course etc. 

Would love to hear from former cadets or staff colleagues. Particularly interested in hearing from 1970 and 71 Driver Comms personnel who survived the long convoys and bivouacs at Bruce Peninsula and Divers Lake. Also 1962 Echo Company. I have some photos and items of interest from those days which I would share.

I remained with the reserves and later commanded The Windsor Service Battalion, The Windsor Regiment, and Windsor Militia District. Later served as Hon Col of The Windsor Regt 1993-98

J.W. Gibson, Colonel (Ret'd)

8 May 2006

The 2006/2007 Training will mark 2981 (Strathcona) Communications Royal
Canadian Army Cadet Corps' 25th year in existence and 25 years of
continued Signals cadets in Edmonton. The unit is having several
anniversary functions and would like to have former members both Cadets
and Officers to have the opportunity to attend these functions. The will
include an Anniversary Parade scheduled for the first week in October 2006
and a Mess Dinner to be held at the Coast Terrace Inn in Edmonton 25
November 2006.

So if you were a Cadet or a Member of the Staff please contact us and we
will ensure you are added to our social register and kept informed of all
details. If you have any pictures from your time in the unit, then please
let us know, we are also putting together a commemorative book to mark the
25 years.

Please email the unit at

26 April 2006

Any cadets of Basic Para 8412 (Valcartier and Edmonton 1984).
Any cadets from the CFE Flyover 1983.
Stephen Larkin
15 Apr 2006
I am looking for Kelly Byerly (sp?) We were cadets together with 2912 RCACC in Sudbury and lost track when she moved away. Would love to hear from her again.

Tracey Cooper

10 Apr 2006

Hello there!

Looking for any former members of 2408 Base Borden ACC (1984-1987), 1726 CScotR ACC (1987-1989), members of Rifle Coach I and II (1987) and the 1988 Bisley Team. Just want to see how you have been keeping.


Mathew Helmer

14 Feb 2006

Hi there. Looking for anyone from Ipperwash Cadet Camp summer 1969.Charlie Company. CIL We had Cpl Bedard as a platoon NCO.

Dave Prestwich,CF ret'd
Hello all:
We are endeavouring to contact all cadets who served with the Rocky Mountain Rangers 2618. Prince George British Columbia from 1948 until present day as we are trying to plan an combination of a 50 years anniversary and reunion.  If you are or know of any body what was a member could you please e-mail me information at  and I make sure that the person in charge of doing the contact list,  gets a hold of you.  We are having a particularly hard time finding women as many have changed their last names.
Lorraine (Logan) Kelly

15 Jan 2006

Hi there

Looking for other band geeks who attended Ipperwash in 1983.


Paul Brett

Prince George, BC

2817 Hastings & P.E. Regt
Lindsay, Ontario

25 Nov 2005

Looking for anyone From Arctic Indoc 1987 

Jean-Michel Pepin 

9 Nov 2005

Were you an army cadet in Prince George from 1957 to the present, or did you serve in the Baron Byng School Cadet Corps during the war?

There is a reunion being planned for the 50th anniversary of army cadet corps No. 2618 Rocky Mountain Rangers of Prince George, B.C. It will likely be in the spring or summer of 2007 in Prince George. If you were a cadet, civilian instructor or officer with that corps, then please contact me at

27 Oct 2005

Looking for anyone who attended Borden 86. Jeff Pembleton, Randy Joy,Colin Hill, just anyone. Was in the band Michelle Wilken was my name. Please e-mail me

Michelle Yenson
1943 RCAC Palmerston ret'd cadet

25 Oct 2005

I saw the lost trails page and there are a number of old friends from 1982-83 at Ipperwash I would like to here from, most of them were CSMs, Steve O'Connor, Jim-Bob Barnard, Pete Dibben, Philip Tenquartenour, Mark Sargeant, Allison Gorley, Paul Taylor.
My Email is
Doug Frozel

11 Oct 2005

Looking for Amber Logan CLI 1990 Vernon. Lost contact over the years and missed dearly. 

Sgt Shotgun 

AKA Lt. Treasa Choate

27 Sept 2005

CLI course summer of 89'.... looking to connect with anyone who is still missing the good ol' days running around the camp like a chicken with their head cut off.  Missing the fun times and friends that I made that summer...
Contact me at
Clara Perkins....

22 Sept 2005

I am Looking for old Friends from Army Cadet Camp I Whent to CSTC Blackdown form 2001-2003 and I am hoping to catch up with former Friends.
The Cadet corps I belonged to was 1112 Windsor Regiment, 2861 R.C.E.M.E

truly Yours

(Cadet Warrent Officer)
Richard Brown
(Retired Cadet)

16 Sept 2005

I was part of the 1976 exchange visit to Ipperwash camp in 1976. My
Battalion was 3rd Cadet, Royal Regiment of Wales. There were about 12 other
cadets from all over Britain, but I would like to hear from anyone who
attended that camp.

Bob Evans

5 Sept 2005

I'm looking for any former cadets that were in 2836 RCACC (at one time it was 8th Field Engineer Regiment, and also 745 Communication Squadron).  Presently we are affiliated with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment.  We are looking at forming an Alumni Association.  If you were in even for a short time please contact me, so that we can enter your name and dates served into our system.
D.B. Walker
Operations Officer
2836 1 Combat Engineer Regiment

31 Aug 2005

I was looking for cadet instructors, E Company, Camp Aldershot, circa 1955, mainly Doug Fraser, Cape Breton Highlanders, and Don Connors, Princess Louise Fusiliers. The CSM was S/Sgt. Byrne of the Black Watch, who were then stationed in Aldershot. 

Darryl Cook, formerly of 110 Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School Cadets.

21 Aug 2005

If anyone can tell me the whereabouts of Nicole Twining these days. I met
her in Ipperwash while I was doing my Cadet Leader Course and the after that
we always seemed to meet up each summer after that as callouts. I heard she
became a CIL Officer and got married. Perhaps somebody also knows her
brother John. I believe Nicole's new last name is Cole??? My email address
is Please feel free to email me or if you know her
just give her my email. Thanks!

Richard Abram

17 Aug 2005

Hi all.
 I attended camp Argonaut from the first year (1972) till 1974 and would love to hear from anyone else that did around that time. I would also greatly appreciate if anyone had some pictures to share from that time period, or knows where to find any.
Thanks to all
Fred Sampson
E-mail address is

18 July 2005

I was part of a British exchange in Aug 1994 sharing some great times with the guys on the wilderness course. I was in Fox Patrol and I'm looking for Daniel Churchill , Judy Burke or Josh or even any one else that remembers me ,

Craig Douglas.

contact me via
thank you

3 July, 2005

    I'm looking for anyone (Former Cdts or Offrs) who was a member of 560 Moncton (Formerly 32 Svc Bn, now, since '96 8CH) from the early 90s to '99.
    I left Mctn 24 Aug 99 for Alberta and haven't really heard from anyone.

A. Libby
Commanding Officer
2512 King's Own Calgary Regiment CC

29 June, 2005

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who was in band co. in 1957? I was a drummer that summer we only had drum's and bugle's.E-mail me at  

signed Freddy.

3 April, 2005

I am looking for Michael Grant and Clint Nelson from VACC 1988-89.

Tiffany Connors (Cannell)

28 March, 2005

Don Botterill - Looking for staff Cadets who attended good old VACC in '91 and '92. Drop me a line

27 March 2005

looking for members of Driver mech course in 1959 Jerry Schroll

16 March 2005

Anyone who remembers serving with A&B Coy during 81-82 with Cadets, Darlene Mason, Bernadette Lohnes, Sylvia Rachette, as well as me Bill "Froggie" Sampson 

William Sampson
1st Field Regt. RCA(M)(Ret)

15 March 2005

Anyone in the Guard at Vernon 1960 ?
And by the way, who was that 6'9 cadet.. tallest in the Guard.
Anyone remember his name? I still have to apologize to him for when we replaced his upper bunk mattress with a wooden table top. I still laugh about it! LOL

Glen Miller (Cdt WO1) 
14 March 2005


Jonathan Parkinson, Looking for staff and cadets from Golf plt 1993 Vernon
14 March 2005
Simon Moussa 2912 Sudbury Irish RCAC looking for any cadets from 1975 to present. We are planning another reunion in several years. Also a short gathering in June 2005. Pls contact with info to:
Fior Go Bas
10 March 2005


-Jeff Van Soest staff Cadet foxtrot company either 78-79 looking to find other staff cadets or Cadets that were either in Foxtrot or attended VACC in those years.

Feb 23, 2005


- Francois Arseneault looking for anyone from D Coy 13 Platoon 1978 in Vernon: Brad Becker, Tom Kolesnick, Derek Fuller, Frank Varga, Martin Gagnon and rest of mob. Just like to catch up...

Feb 21, 2005