Accoutrements & Uniforms

On the following pages are many, but not all of the uniform pieces worn by cadets over the years. This a work in progress. If you would like to contribute please email me with the details.


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Rank flashes 1992-current

Cadet officer ranks were abolished in 1992

Cadet Recruit, slip on

Cadet Private, slip on

Cadet Corporal, slip on

Cadet Master Corporal, slip on

Cadet Sergeant, slip on

Cadet Warrant Officer, slip on


Cadet Master Warrant Officer, slip on

Cadet Chief Warrant Officer, slip on

Cadet Private

Cadet Corporal

Cadet Master Corporal

Cadet Sergeant

Cadet  Warrant Officer

Cadet Master Warrant Officer

Cadet Chief Warrant Officer

Cadet Drum Major, appointment

Cadet Pipe Major, appointment