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Accoutrements & Uniforms

On the following pages are many, but not all of the uniform pieces worn by cadets over the years. This a work in progress. If you would like to contribute please email me with the details.


Cloth Shoulder titles

In 1942 cadet corps began wearing their own flashes, prior to that time, very few corps wore cloth insignia denoting cadet corps, there were a few, but they were rare. Metal shoulder badges existed for a few corps who could afford them. 

Generic corps flashes



Battledress pre-royal designation, 

melton cloth




melton cloth 



dress uniform, English

embroidered edge



dress uniform, French

embroidered edge,




dress uniform

embroidered edge,



field uniform

embroidered edge,



1943 pattern, green letters, melton cloth 13 points to the leaf



1945 pattern, ivory white letters, melton cloth, 15 points to the leaf

post war pattern 1950s pattern, bright green letters, melton cloth, 13 points to the leaf, another variation, several of these show up in this time period looking a little odd, rough and almost offset, Looking into it further. (Capt Howard Scrimgeour)


post war pattern 1950-1979, bright green letters, melton cloth, 15 points to the leaf


rare post war pattern 1960s French Version, melton cloth 15 points to the leaf

worn briefly in the 1960s


1979 pattern, current use, embroidered edge, 15 points to the leaf