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On the following pages are many, but not all of the uniform pieces worn by cadets over the years. This a work in progress. If you would like to contribute please email me with the details.


Cloth Shoulder titles - Cadet Corps 3000-3300

In 1942 cadet corps began wearing their own flashes, prior to that time, very few corps wore cloth insignia denoting cadet corps, there were a few, but they were rare. Metal shoulder badges existed for a few corps who could afford them. 

These titles are usually unique to a corps, but it some instances may have been worn by several corps. They have not, with the rare exception, been worn by their affiliated regiment. The yellow on green "flocked" shoulder flashes were common from WWII until the mid 1950s, nearly all corps at this time school corps, hence the reflection of the school's name but not necessarily affiliation. It's believed that there may be as many as 2000-2500 different flocked flashes. Some larger corps, #55 Toronto with as many as 60-70 companies could have had as many variation of the shoulder flash by themselves. That being the case, you will find a mere 152 (6%) of those WWII era flashes on this page. 

Yes, many cadet corps wear their affiliated unit flashes, and no they are not included on this sight. There are other web sites that cover those flashes very well. We're taking pains to show what can be considered exclusively cadet pieces. 

If you have a flash you don't see here, please email a 300dpi jpg scan with details and we will include it.


#3005 11 Service Battalion Cadet Corps, Victoria, BC

embroidered cloth


#3018 1LETE Army Cadet Corps, Orleans, ON

embroidered cloth



#3036 Sackville Lions RCACC, Lower Sackville, NS 

embroidered cloth



#unknown unit, appears to be hand painted, was found on the back of a #1771 "City of Vancouver C.C." shoulder flash. Imperial School Cadet Corps, unknown location.