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WWW http://www.armycadethistory.com/
1 - General History of Royal Canadian Army Cadets
2 - Colonels-in-Chief; Colonel Commandants, MNDs and Director Cadets - Who's who, biographies and photos Colonels-in-Chief - Col Comdts - MND - CDS - Director Cadets
3 - Cadet Corps Database  - Locate detailed information and photos on the 3000+ different cadets current and disbanded since 1879. 3079 Corps listed; 25,000+ photos
4 - Training Centres, Exchanges and Summer Camps - Locate information on the various camps: Vernon, Blackdown, Argonaut, Valcartier, Banff, Connaught, Whitehorse, Ipperwash, Exchanges, etc. Including Platoon photos, nominal rolls, maps and more. 35,000+ photos
5 - Biathlon & Shooting  - Biathlon & Shooting competitions not including Bisley or ACSTCs 200+ photos
6 - Expeditions - International & National 500+ photos
7 - Regional Activities  - Mass FTX; Competitions; Joint events; Regional Expeditions; Spring Break trg; Special parades, NSCE, etc. 800+ photos
8 - Accoutrements, Shoulder Flashes, Hat Badges & Uniforms    - Uniforms, hat badges, shoulder flashes, head dress and all forms of accoutrements 1942 to date. 600+ images
9 - Medals, Awards, Trophies  - Cadet medals, awards and trophies throughout the years. Many photos and names
10 -Master Cadets - It takes 4 years to attain this level.
11- Mystery Photos - We need your help identifying these photos, quite a few mysteries to be solved. - 400+ Photos
12 - Year-round Camps & Training Centres Local training camps used by corps from Sept to June for LHQ
13 - Where are they now? - Many of our cadets have done well - 59 listings
14 - Which corps is the oldest?  The argument can now be settled
15 - Video & Film Clips   - Footage of cadet camps or corps, etc. - 130 video/film clips
Youtube Page - Footage of cadet camps or corps, etc. - 103 video/film clips. We will be migrating all our videos from Video & Film page from 1943 to date.
16 - Lost Trails  -  Looking for an old friend from cadets? Post your message here.
17 - News Stories  -  Archived news stories from 1940 to 2005 featuring army cadets and CS of C, CIL, CIC officers.
18 - Last Post   Our friends shall never be forgotten
19 - Books, Music, Recruiting, Multimedia etc.  -  Books, publications music, Canada Post Stamp 
20 - Biographies - Colonel in Chief, Colonel Commandants, Cadet Corps and ACSTC Commanding Officers 181 listed
21 - CIC (including Cadet Instructors List, Cadet Services of Canada) - History, Photo gallery, Course Photos and more
22 - Miscellaneous, Odds & Ends - Pretty much everything else that doesn't fit anywhere else New
23 - Links  - Cadets corps, Alumni Associations and links to all things cadets.
24 - Army Cadet League of Canada  - The league, it's members and history and its predecessor the CSofC Association, Mess Dinners Menus

25 - Announcements & Upcoming Events - Reunions, special events, cadet concerts

26 - Kit Shop (closed temp) Books, Coins, documentary videos, etc.

27 - Corps Flags... a collage

28 - Armouries, Drill Halls, Legion Halls and Community Centres - Corps homes

29 - Army Cadet Museum
30 - Frequently Asked Questions
31 - Acknowledgments
32 - Updates & Stats -  Daily details of what's been added
Feedback   -   Tell us what you think, what improvements or changes would you like.
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Welcome to the Site Map, this is the main page from which you can visit and view all the information on the site. Click on any of the blue headers to the left and you will be taken to the next page. Due to the size, quality and clarity of the photos, this site works best with high speed cable or DSL. We don't employ thumbnails.  We don't anticipate introducing flash animation or special effects as this is very much a content driven site with well over 12,000 pages of information. We would prefer to keep the site clean and easy to navigate. There is an enormous amount of information and images, don't forget to take a grid bearing! This site is about and for army cadets and staff, past, present and future. We hope you find the site easy to navigate. The website is currently mostly in English, though some sections are primarily French such as Valcartier & Cap Chat. We hope eventually to have the entire site translated to French. 

How big will this website become? The long term goal is to preserve all forms of Royal Canadian Army Cadet history, as a matter of course many items will end up in museums and displays across the country, these items will be photographed or scanned and electronically stored here. It is quite possible that in 10 years, as many as 100,000 photos, 1000 biographies of officers and key individuals and the extended history of all 3000+ cadets corps will be on line. This web site will constantly grow.

We look forward to your feedback to improve the site. If you would like to contribute old photos, newspaper articles, etc. Please contact us!

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