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Vernon Photo Gallery - Aerials 5


July 14, 1978, weekly Friday Night Parade. The first parade of the summer, Col Beer Camp CO was the reviewing officer. Temperature 30c (Doug Kermode, Ed Liukaitis collection)


July 25, 1980  weekly Friday Night Parade. Col David Kinloch the Hon Col BCD was the reviewing officer this evening just out of frame at the reviewing dais. (Doug Kermode, Ed Liukaitis collection)


July 18, 1981, weekly Friday Night Parade (Doug Kermode, Ed Liukaitis collection)


Thursday August 14, 2003, Final Parade Practise (Wayne Emde)


July 17, 1998, weekly Friday Night Parade (Francois Arseneault)


1949 aerial, the camp is only just 8 years old, the trees only beginning to cast shade. The WWII Brigade QM huts (lower left hand corner) are still standing across the street from B3. (Doug Kermode)


At long last, we now have the complete camp aerial 1949 shot along with the photo immediately above. A wonderful photo that shows the entire camp in the first summer it was open to cadets. You can compare the 1949 photo with the Wayne Emde 2000 photo below. (photographer Doug Kermode, courtesy: Bernard Dubuc) If you would like to see a more detailed and much larger image click on the above aerial, note this is an extremely large image. Special thanks to Carolyn & Dennis Dufresne for making this important photo available.


The same view 50 years later. (Wayne Emde)


Another angle, on the same flight,  1949. (Doug Kermode)