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Alphabetical order
Argonaut CTC   Argonaut (Gagetown), NB - Opened 1971, regional camp, replaced camp formerly located at Aldershot NS,  - Please see Aldershot below for more photos and info
Basic Parachute   Rivers, Mb 1967; Edmonton, AB 1972-80s; Trenton, ON 1980s to date - Basic Parachute Course 
Bisley UK     United Kingdom - The marksman competition

Blackdown CTC    Blackdown (CFB Borden), ON - Opened 1994 regional camp, replaced camp formerly located at Ipperwash ON,  - Please see Ipperwash below for more photos and info

Connaught NCTC    Ottawa, ON - Rifle Coach, Overseas exchange departure
Exchanges    UKLF; Germany; France; Outward Bound; Caribbean...
Mont Saint-Sacrement    Mont St-Sacrement, QC, Regional Cadet School of Music, tri-element
Rocky Mountain NCTC   Rocky Mountain (NW of Cochrane), AB - Opened 1999 national camp, replaced camp formerly located at Banff, AB - Please see Banff below for more photos and info
Valcartier CIEC / CTC    Valcartier, QC - Opened 1968, regional camp, replaced camp formerly located at Farnham QC - Please see Farnham below for more photos and info
Vernon CTC   Vernon, BC - Opened 1949, regional camp, all courses, the Nijmegan March Cadet trg centre for 2000
Whitehorse CTC    Whitehorse, YK - Opened 1974, regional northern camp

Former camps 1920s to 2005

Albert Head    Esquimalt, BC - 1967 Junior Leader (modified), 1966 special camp served #2883 Blue Mountain (Haney) Cadet Corps, 1970-71 PT
Aldershot ACC    Aldershot, NS - 1943 reopened 1948 closed 1971, CS of C courses, CL CLI, Rifle Coach, CL Signaler, Advanced CL part 1, JL, Radio & Tg Op

Arctic Indoc    Baffin Island, NWT - 1970-80s

Banff NACSTC  Banff, AB - Opened 1948 closed 1999, Leadership & Challenge (formerly Advanced CL part 2)
Beausejour   Beausejour, MB 1943-?
Bolton    Bolton, ON. 1943 
Borden Tri-Service Camp    Borden, ON - 1948 to 1993, (Note: Borden went by the name "Blackdown" up to 1959) CS of C Courses, Rifle Coach, Bisley Team, CS of C Instructor Rifle Coach, CL Signaler, D&M.
Cap Chat ACSTC    Cap Chat, QC - Music
CFB Calgary    Calgary, AB - 1967, 1970 Cadet Rifle Coach
Chilliwack   Chilliwack, BC - 1945?-54?
Churchill    Churchill, MB - to 1971, JL
Clear Lake ACC    Clear Lake, MB - Opened 1943? closed 1968? regional camp, Junior Leader, Cadet Leader Bandsman, CS of C Chief Inst refresher course 1964, CL 1962, 
Cold Lake  Cold Lake AB Survival school
Cooking Lake - Cooking Lake AB - 1923
Cornwallis    CFB Cornwallis, NS - 1967, Cadet P & RT
Debert    Debert, NS 1954
Duncan    Duncan, BC 1943
Dundurn ACC    Dundurn, SK - 1943-1961, regional camp, CS of C courses, CL, CLI, Rifle Coach, Infantry Sigs, D&M, 
Fairbanks Lake    Fairbanks Lake, ON - 1966 & 1970-71, Served #765 Copper Cliff Highlanders CC
Farnham ACC    Farnham, QC - opened 195? closed 1968, regional camp, CS of C courses, CLI, CL, Rifle Coach, CL Signaler, D&M, Advanced CL part 1,
Fort Anne    Fort Anne, West Germany - 1966-67 Cadet Leader, Cadet Leader D&M for Cadets belonging to Cadet Corps in Lahr
Fort Chambly    Fort Chambly, West Germany, 1962-65 Cadet Leader, Cadet Leader Sigs, JL for Cadets belonging to Cadet Corps in Lahr, the Nijmegan March Cadet trg 1962
Hopkins Landing    British Columbia 1930s
Ipperwash ACC    Ipperwash, ON - Opened 1948 closed 1994, regional camp, CS of C Courses, CL, CLI, D&M, Advanced CL part 1, Driver Comm, Caribbean exchange cadets
Island Park     Woodstock, NB 1942
Jericho Beach   Jericho Beach (Vancouver BC) 1950
Kingston    Kingston, ON, - 1962-67 CS of C Signal Instructor
Lahr    Lahr, West Germany 1971 - Special camp for #2596 CC, CL CLI, JL
Lauzon    Lauzon QC 1943
London    London, ON - 1943, Pipes and drums 1960-80s, CS of C courses, Advanced CL, CL PT, UK Exchange
Long Branch   Long Branch, On 1922-23
Mahon Park   North Vancouver, BC 1920s
Matlock    Manitoba, WWII
Montmagny   Quebec 1950s
Morley  Morley AB 1923
Mt St.Antoine    Mt St.Antoine, QC - 1966-67 Cadet Leader (modified), 1970-71 JL
Niagara-On-The-Lake   Niagara-On-The-Lake, On 1923-47, regional camp, replaced by Ipperwash, ON in 1948
North Bay    North Bay, ON Outward Bound 1979
Outward Bound Keremeos   Keremeos BC 1980s
Pat Bay Tri Service    Victoria, BC - 1970s, 80s, Scuba, Full Bore, Small Bore
Penhold Air Cadet Summer Training Centre    Penhold, AB - 1998-99 served briefly as a 2-week basic army cadet course integrated within the air cadet camp. Penhold Air CSTC is still active. 
Petawawa ACC    Petawawa, ON - 1960s - 80s, CS of C Instructors courses, CLI, D&M, CL Signaler, JL, Bandmen, PT, Caribbean Exchange cadets (staging). 1971 Outward Bound (staging)
Picton ACC    Picton, ON - 1963-64, CS of C instructors courses, Cadet CLI, CL Signaler, D&M, JL, Bandsmen
Prairie Regional Rifle (Winnipeg)    Winnipeg, MB - 1970s, Full Bore, Small Bore
Reservoir Park    Calgary, Ab
Rivers    Rivers, MB - 1967 Cadet Basic Parachutist Course (See Above Basic Para), 1956-66 Special camp for #745 SAS Cadet Corps
Rockcliffe    Rockcliffe, ON (Ottawa) - 1970-71 Bisley Team staging
Sandstone Lake    Sandstone Lake, ON - 1966-74, Adventure Trg, tri-service
Saskadet    Round Lake, SK 1970s-90s
Shilo ACC    Shilo, MB - 1960s-71, CL Rifle Coach
Sarcee   Sarcee (Calgary), AB - 10 day & Basic camps 1941 - 1955 held in the Camp Sarcee Training Area on the south west outskirts of Calgary 
Saint John (Saint Jean)    Saint Jean QC 1943
Soest    Soest, West Germany 1971 - CL, CLI, JL for #2596 CC
Sussex, Camp  - New Brunswick 1920s-
Sylvan Lake   Ab 1930s
Utopia    New Brunswick 1947-48
Victoria Rifle Coach    Victoria BC 1970s-80s
Wellington    Wellington On 1943-?
Winnipeg Beach   Winnipeg Beach Man 1943
Wright, Camp    Athabasca, AB - 1970s-80s, Tri-Service, Basic cadet adventure trg,


Cadet Training Centres, Army Cadet Summer Training Centres, Army Cadet Summer Camps, Army Cadet Trades Training Centres & Overseas Exchanges

1920s to date

If you don't see your photo here, please email us a 300dpi scan of it and we'll include it.

Throughout the history of Army Cadets, summer training camps existed across Canada. Pre WWII most camps were usually 10 days long and provided an opportunity for collective training in sports, signaling, marksmanship and drill. There would be a fundamental shift in training after WWII. Firstly, the Canadian Technical Training Corps was formed Dec 10, 1941.

The corps opened the Canadian Army Trades School (CATS) in different regions across Canada with a view to training the various soldier-tradesmen within the forces.  It enrolled young men of 16 for training as electricians, machinists, draftsmen, surveyors, clerks, and auto mechanics; so that they could complete trades training by 19 and be directly enrolled into the Canadian Army. This program was adopted by the emerging Army Cadet Camps as a model for training.

After WWII, the summer camp philosophy changed to incorporate the lessons learned from 1940-45, that primarily being the evolution of technology and it's various uses in the Canadian Army. Now the Army Cadet summer camps became much more than the traditional 10-day camps, they now would include trades training: Infantry Basic Training; Signals, Special Engineering Equipment, Driver & Mechanic, Fire Control Equipment. All trades that had been important during war time, this time with a threat implied, Canada would not be caught unprepared. 

During the 1950s, 60s and 70s the courses would evolve further. Cadet Leader and Cadet Leader Instructor would eventually replace most of the trades training. There was more of an emphasis on adventure training including, canoeing, mountain climbing and hiking. 

The names of the camps went through many changes reflecting the shift in training: Trades Training Camps 1940s -50s, Army Cadet Camps 1950s to 1990s, and since 1996 Army Cadet Summer Training Centres. Rather interestingly is the undeniable fact that camp life is and has always been one of the most important and rewarding aspects of the cadet career. 

On the left  you will find a vast resource of many of the summer camps & training centres since 1943.